Eating Can be Very Difficult. :

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Eating Can be Very Difficult.

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( Many of us know what we eat is a very important part of fitness and nutrition. As people move toward a fitness conscious life regarding exercise there is also movement towards eating healthy. People are making the effort to read labels, buy organic, seek the assistance of a professional nutritionist, and participate in meal prep to help discipline themselves to eat healthy consistently every week. With these provisions in place one should be able to balance nutrition and exercise. However, what happens when you feel you can’t eat? There are times when you might not feel like eating, but there are other times when it seems the appetite has totally disappeared. In this space meals can be missed, even when they are prepped, and the body lets will react harshly at times to the lack of food. In certain physical states, such as pregnancy or different diseases, not eating can cause serious problems that can result in accidents or trips to the hospital.

For a long time, many people believed that losing weight, and becoming fit meant eating less. Sometimes portion control was implemented to the point of not eating enough. Many people trying to lose weight thought that if they skipped meals, hence pushing back the plate, they would have a better chance to lose weight. This led to a lot of frustration as the person trying to lose weight was experiencing hunger but wasn’t seeing results on the scale. This can lead to giving up the idea of “healthy” eating which can lead to binge eating and packing on pounds while developing health issues as a result of such a cycle. The body is very smart, and it will begin storing food as if it were in survival mode because it didn’t know when it would receive food again.

There are times when one’s appetite, and thirst, is simply off. We find that we are not hungry nor thirsty so don’t eat or drink.  There can be a number of reasons that lead to a lack of appetite, but regardless of the lack of an urge to eat the body still needs food. Sometimes it’s a matter of a dynamic change in one’s hormone balance. Of course, there is a myth that pregnant women, especially after the first trimester, have an uncontrollable appetite…they want to eat everything in sight. However, some women experience a loss of appetite that effects their ability to function even in the 3rd trimester when the appetite is supposed to be high as baby is putting on weight.

When we don’t eat enough, yet we are physically active, there are consequences. There are times you might be feeling you are tired no matter how much sleep you get. This could be a direct result of a lack of nutrition. Not eating enough can be a large contributing factor to feeling like you might experience faint feeling throughout the day. There isn’t enough coffee to accommodate for a lack of nutrition. Of course, in addition to the tiredness there can be headaches that can turn into migraines. The lack eating can cause you feel as though your mental acuity is taking a hit. It seems like you are forgetting everything that’s important. if someone has certain illness such as diabetes not eating regularly can negatively effect blood sugar which can put a diabetic in the hospital.

Even when we don’t feel like eating it is a necessary part of good health and fitness. Skipping meals doesn’t aid weight loss nor help any other condition one may face. Eating is something we must do in order to function on a daily basis. Sometimes many of us can become so busy that we simply forget to eat. If this sounds like you maybe setting alarms to make sure you are taking care of your body’s needs would help. Sometimes eating multiple small meals throughout the day verses 3 large meals can help get the nutrition in without feeling overwhelmed. You should be trying to consume foods rich in nutrients like the stuff listed on Foods Alive. We must do all we an to make sure we are getting the fuel we need via our food to accommodate our workouts and busy lifestyle.

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