There is No Substitute for Water.

( Its almost summer time and the temperatures are steadily rising. With the increase in nicer weather many of us feel free to get out into the world and walk, run, go to the gym and just be more active. This a great time of year to work on health and weight goals. There is more daylight outside and for some that automatically helps better their emotional state. The sunlight is giving life as it helps some feel instant relief from anxiety, depression, and just plain moodiness.

With the change in season we sweat more as it’s hotter, and we all know water is important to stay hydrated. The bodies need for water is no secret, yet many Americans are dehydrated to some degree. Some will drink coffee, tea, and heaven forbid the cursed energy drinks to work through the rigors of the day. Even when we manage to get away from the energy drinks if not careful we forget adequate water.

Drinking plenty of fluids is a good practice but it does not guarantee you won’t experience dehydration. Sports drinks, herbal teas, and even flavor enhanced water can all serve a positive purpose in the body. With that said there comes a point whereby your body will need water without the additives. Water is the fluid that helps flush your system and it is mandatory for the body. Some people get their water intake from eating fruit and this has so many positive benefits. Your body gets nutrients and vitamins it needs and of course fiber. Understandably this is a much better choice for a snack than junk food with all of its bad sugars and processed chemicals. However, you will not eat your fill in fruit enough for it to replace your body’s’ need for water. At some point you will have to make it a point to get the water intake you need simply from drinking water.

As you become more active in exercise and your day the water become even more of a necessity. it helps flush the toxins from our body, is a contributor to weight loss, and assists us in having healthy organs. If you find yourself experiencing minor nagging headaches, you are tired often and have ruled out other medical issues, and you find it difficult to focus at times…you might need to drink some water. Before reaching for coffee, tea or any other drink try starting your morning off with water.

Try drinking water also before you go to bed…you will find that your body won’t overheat as often while you are sleeping. As it is getting hotter your body can not afford for you to neglect drinking water. Dehydration can lead to serious health issues that a bottle of water could have avoided. In some cases, we may have to get over the “I don’t like the taste of water” syndrome for the betterment of ones’ overall health. Having to take various medications and doctors visits are far worse than the taste of water. Remember your bottle of water as you go about your day, and know there really is no substitute.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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