If You are Beyond Exhausted Go Home Not to the Gym.

(BlackFitness101.comA fit lifestyle requires dedication and discipline. You know how many days, and hours, a week you commit to being in the gym. Your results are based on you sticking to the plans you have set. However, there are times when you should head home instead of the gym. If you know you can’t stay awake, it may be wise to head home for a nap. This may sound insignificant as we tend to think Red Bull, or five hour energy can fix everything. Though the gym is a safe space for many it can be dangerous when exhaustion is afoot. Yes, you need to workout on a regular basis, but you need to be able to remain alert in the gym for your safety and that of those around you. Others may hurt themselves trying to stop you from hurting yourself.

The gym is full of heavy equipment, and you would need to be awake. Some machines like the treadmill is one repetitive action. Many listens to music, have small chat, and even read books while on the machine. However, when you are seriously exhausted it can also lull you to sleep. If you fall asleep on the treadmill you may find yourself rapidly removed from it when you end up on the floor. If you aren’t careful falling off the treadmill, due to dozing off, could cause you to injure yourself in a manner that would prevents you from working out given said injury. If someone sees you dozing they could miss a step on their own treadmill trying to prevent you from hurting yourself.

This exhaustion can become increasingly dangerous as you move to resistance training. You need to be alert when handling weights, or engaging resistance machines. The inability to do so can cause accidents whereby you lose control of the weights. This can cause you to strain muscles, pull muscles or even worse…dropping the weight on yourself. You don’t want to find yourself on bench press, exhausted, and without a spotter. This is a deadly combination that could land you in the hospital. Taking the time to make sure is you are rested can save your life in a gym.

Yes, working out can give you a boost of energy so it’s quite okay to push on when you are just tired. However, once you hit the no sleep exhaustion whereby you can’t see straight, and driving isn’t wise…rest. You will get more out of your workout when you aren’t seeing double. Yes, there are those that claim no matter what happens the show must go one, therefore get into the gym.

However, if you are at a point of extreme exhaustion, basically your body will shut itself down, go home while you are in one piece. Go home and get some much-needed sleep. The gym requires sacrifice, but you shouldn’t risk your health trying to improve your health. Listen to your body. When tells you it can’t go any further take heed.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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