Exercise Is For The Mind And Soul As Well As The Body.

(BlackFitness101.comHealth is holistic. It cannot be measures in inches of muscle gained or pounds of body fat lost. Sure, these can be a useful indicator. Pins on the roadmap of health and wellbeing. But a slim body is not the same thing as a healthy body, and muscle may look pretty but it is not always a key indicator of health. In order for exercise to truly benefit our lives it must not only focus on the corporeal. It must also work to improve our minds and, yes, even our souls.

Whatever your religious persuasion, and even if you have none at all, nourishing the soul is still important if we’re to seek long lasting health, wellbeing or fulfilment. Our emotional and psychological health are intrinsically tied to the health of our bodies, but just because we address one, doesn’t always mean that the others slot into place. Here, we’ll look at some forms of exercise with proven benefits for the mind and soul as well as the body…

Aerobic exercise

There’s a visceral pleasure to pushing weights. It makes us feel strong and empowered and as our muscles fill up with blood, it can appear to have an instantaneous effect. But while strength training is certainly important, it doesn’t mean that the path to wellbeing lies solely in the free weights room. Aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, cycling and even hiking can have myriad mental health benefits while also burning body fat. If you are going to go hiking in a rainy climate you should consider getting a backpack that is waterproof. Aerobic exercises have been proven to boost brain health, facilitating better flow of blood to the brain and aiding cognition and memory.

Not to mention bringing a colossal sense of wellbeing that comes with spending time amongst nature. Cycling can also make you a better and more considerate road user although if you’re injured by a less considerate road user you should see GBW.law for more information on what to do about it. Put down the weights, put on your sneakers and get yourself outside.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga is fantastic for building lung capacity, increasing flexibility and joint health and improving overall fitness. But this is really just the tip of the iceberg. Yoga proponents will tell you that the physical benefits pale in comparison to the meditative, emotional, psychological and spiritual effects that this ancient form of exercise offers. Yoga is proven to be one of the best ways to relieve stress, improve mood and feel a tremendous sense of oneness with the universe.

Group classes

Exercise is often a battle against yourself. You constantly strive to beat your personal bests and improve time after time. This can, however, become a lonely and insular enterprise. Group classes are better for the soul as we are able to unite with our brothers and sisters in pursuit of the same goals.

Variety is the spice of exercise and your approach to it should be as holistic and varied as the benefits you receive. When your path to health and fitness addresses the body, mind and soul you’re truly reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Staff Writer; George Parker