Get Your Body Moving.

(BlackFitnes101.comFor some people the very idea of the sun is energizing. They don’t care how many hours they work or how tired they are, if its for no more than a 30min walk, they will make a way to get outside. This is not the case for many. Work weeks can be gruesome, when there is a family that can be demanding, and some of us feel like we are running non-stop. This can cause you to feel that movement is not necessary unless you are working or on the go for a specific necessary task. The human body needs to move. When we don’t move enough the body begins to lose its flexibility, and this can cause minor to major health problems.

In all honestly movement does not always feel good, but it is necessary for our muscles, bones, joints and circulation. If you are on working from home or have a job that is sedentary your body doesn’t get the necessary movement it needs in the course of a day. You may find yourself stiff after a certain amount of time. When it’s time to get up and move around the body may be so locked up that you feel pain walking and could even hurt yourself doing basic movements.

It is important to stand from time to time and stretch; if you can walk around your office or walk about your home. This will also help your blood circulate. Constant sitting, and laying down, can lead to poor circulation in your legs and feet…even your upper extremities. You may also experience swelling in your feet and legs. Lack of movement can also lead to water retention that will contribute to said swelling…and weight gain.

Many have heard the saying: “If you don’t use it you’ll lose it.” When it comes to the human body that saying could not have been more truthful. Atrophy can occur in a body that does not have get up and move. Basically, it is the wasting away of your muscles due to lack of use. Your body needs more than the walk to the mailbox, the kitchen, or just around the grocery store. When we are not using our muscles, they need to shrink up, verses being stretched out and the decline of our bodies various functions will begin. You need the walking, jogging, and definitely the stretching as a necessary part of your day. If you find that you are over 50% sedentary you’d want to get up before even that becomes unbearable. Your neck, shoulders, back and core will eventually begin to experience pain from being overused. The body needs a healthy balance.

There are various ways to incorporate positive movement into your daily routine. If necessary stretching can become a part of your relaxation in the morning and before bed. You can start small by setting a step goal to reach on a daily basis. If you are binge watching a show…maybe walking in place during your show verses just sitting or laying will also help you better your blood flow and circulation. The point is get up and move your body voluntarily while you can do it without medication and strain. Do this before you get to a space whereby you are forced to move due to pain or injury.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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