She Can’t Workout in Groups.

( For some there is safety in numbers. Working is not exception to this comfort. There are many ways community can be fostered when working on one’s fitness goals. It’s important to acknowledge that body insecurity can manifest itself in many ways. When there are workout partners one might not feel as body conscious because there is no surrounding isolation. This can be as simple as taking walks with neighbors or friends that turn into a consistent exercise routine. As you walk you are able to catch up with friends as life can get a bit hectic.

There are times we have a sister in our sister circle that knows the struggles one is facing with working out, and she might take the indicative to bring a good portion of our circle together to work as a collective on overall wellness. In this space we are on a journey to wellness with women we know and truth; wellness can become an exciting adventure. The job can often turn into a community.


We can go from merely discussing life to hitting the gym after work or in free time. Also, many gyms offer workout classes. These classes can serve many functions. In addition to working in a group, it can also allow one to maximize on time when you need a quick workout. This space might also help one focus more on the objective of the workout. However, what happens when these group, supportive, spaces intimidate, annoy, and create anxiety instead of assist with working out?

Some women simply can’t workout with a group, and that is quite okay. The gesture is well noted but there are reasons why one would opt to hit the gym, or pavement, alone. Just as having support can help with physical insecurities, this isn’t the same for others. There are women that feel they need to start their journey alone until they feel comfortable enough to workout in groups. On the other hand, some simply appreciate the solitude. They don’t want to chat while working out. This space is “me time” and meditation; they want to be one with their mind and body during the workout. Someone women may also feel they give so much in terms of thought and pouring out that they just want one space whereby they don’t have to speak or respond.

If you have a friend that doesn’t want to workout in your group try to understand without judgement. I can personally speak to sister group backlash when it comes to working out. It’s imperative for me to hit the gym alone. Though I’ve  been invited to workout with a group at the gym and virtually, I simply could not make myself join. I needed to have the me space to work on my body while mentally working through my day, agenda, and needs. I realized I did not like the chatter when working out; I also found it more tasking to breathe and talk during cardio. In this area I needed my space. Please understand there is nothing wrong with the friend that can’t workout in groups. Try not to make her path harder by ridiculing the method she needs to achieve her fitness goals.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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