I Workout Where is My Weight Loss.

(BlackFitness101.com) There are so many health benefits to exercising; however, when one is on the journey to lose weight, the expectation is different. Getting stronger is a benefit, but progress is often measured in pounds. Sweat after a workout is expected to equal lost inches and pounds. In some cases, the person working out will disregard inches as progress, and only acknowledge pounds. There are so many factors that can contribute to weight gain, and weight loss. It’s important to speak with a healthcare professional about how to safely lose weight, and to have a better understanding of what the body will need. Losing weight is not a cookie cutter concept. The loss doesn’t happen for everyone in the same way. However, what has to be acknowledged is, for the most part, more than exercise will be required.

You can go to the gym for hours, have an awesome workout, and sweat a ton. However, what did you do before the workout, and afterwards. Granted one could be dealing with a situation whereby they are intaking more calories than they are burning by a large margin. However, you could be dehydrated, and you might not be eating enough…or enough of the right foods. All of these factors could be affecting your weight loss regardless of the workout. It is very important that you do not neglect the kitchen as it is the partner to exercise, and some would argue it is a greater contributor than you realize. Without the proper nutrition you are unable to fully maximize on your workout. Ignoring this aspect of your weight loss journey can cause you to undo everything you are doing in the gym, and it can lead to discouragement.


Working out is a great way to blow off steam and get rid of unwanted stress. However, what are you doing when you are not working out? Often times unhealthy relationships with food are centered around some degree of stress or mental anguish. Your weight loss can also be hindered by overwhelming stress and mental challenges. The workouts can only do so much if there is too much going on.  It is important to incorporate meditation, yoga, and therapy if necessary. Taking these self-care steps can allow you to be free enough inside to benefit from the workouts you are going.

Lastly, it’s important to always be honest with self. If you are working out and eating terrible because the workout can handle it, which is different from just not knowing how to balance your nutrition, you won’t see the loss you desire. In this moment you must be willing to have a sit down with self. Just because you love pizza and want to eat a whole one doesn’t mean you should. If you are going to head to a fast-food joint when you leave the gym, just go eat. When there aren’t extenuating circumstances, it is important to take accountability for one’s actions against their own health. Seeing the benefits of working out is possible when other areas of your life are on the same page with the workout. Get everything in agreement.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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