Health & Fitness Gimmicks are Discouraging.

( The journey to health and fitness can be a harsh road. Though it is one of the most rewarding things you can do, it is also one of the most challenging. Part of the difficulty is the need to break old habits and create new ones that might not be favorable in the beginning. Let’s be honest, many of us have unhealthy relationships with food that is consistent while not having much of a relationship with exercise. We live in a society that promotes people doing as they feel and eating based on that feeling.

Looking at labels, knowing what’s in your food, and which foods best fuel your body is not something many of us have been taught. When there is a desire to get fit quick, lose weight quick, and see results even quicker, too many turn to diets and gimmicks. This can start you on a path that is discouraging, as it is riddled with setbacks.

There is the super diet that is guaranteed to make you lose almost ten pounds a week. It could be no meat, or no carbs, or no solids. Which ever you choose it will be a struggle to maintain once the newness wears off. There is discouragement when you follow the diet but the loses are minimal at best. Let’s not forget he constant urge to have a cheat hour, cheat day, or cheat couple of days. If not careful you will be trying to convince yourself, if I eat this one yeast roll it shouldn’t bee too bad.  In this same space if one neglects the nutrients the body need you can begin to feel bad while trying to execute the diet. Diet changes can be expensive so it can feel like a waste when you physically feel terrible, and when you look at the scale there is no progress.


Even some workout plans can be a gimmick. While buying the newest workout tape you can hype yourself up that you are finally ready to take on exercising and this new plan is just what you need. What is often missed is accessing where you are before you begin the latest dance craze workout. If you neglect to consider where you are and if you are ready…you spent your money but can hurt yourself. It is discouraging when you feel deflated because you couldn’t survive ten minutes, and none of the people on the screen look like you. The gimmicky part is you weren’t ready, and that won’t change overnight.

Trust me I’d love to be a size twelve in three months or less, but that’s not realistic. If I take on any diet that says it can happen, they are setting me up for disaster. Either I will tap out not ever getting close to the goal, or I will be able to taste it only to gain the weight back and then some when the diet ends. I love workout videos, but I have to be realistic about what my body can handle. If no one looks like me I may have more work to do before taking on that video. It’s okay to acknowledge frustration as health and fitness can be a challenge. However, embrace the journey…there is no such thing as an overnight success.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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