Should I Continue Working Out.

( Fitness can make you question why you are putting yourself through such hardship. It can be difficult when there is a lot going on, and uncertainty is taking up too much space. Something in us can say stop everything. Literally we’ll feel as though a shutdown needs to happen and prepare to reserve energy only for those things, we deem a necessity. In this space the workout regimen can come into question. When the scale isn’t moving backwards fast enough working out can become a question. If the “I just don’t feel like it”, you snooze can become a friend and in that moment the workout has been sacrificed. You will find this less apt to happen to those that see working out as an absolute necessity to survive. If they can’t make it to the gym they will work out at home; if this isn’t you, anything could put that workout in jeopardy.

Consider this, exercise of some sort should be seen as a necessity as much as sleep and eating. Our body needs to move to stay in working order. If we decide against working out, you may very soon find yourself in a position whereby you can’t trust your body and are more injury prone. It is important to see working out at more than just something to do to lose weight…it is also how healthy weight will be maintained. If life is doing to much, and you feel as though you need to mentally check out consider walking. It is something you can do in solitude, if need be, and your body is still moving. Not being able to handle the gym when dealing with different issues is understandable. Though the gym can be a getaway for many, that might not be the case for you.


I admit I am cool with going to the gym, until I feel that I need to be in spaces by myself to recharge. Though I don’t have to interact with people, I find that when I am in that mindset, I tend to attract conversation. Sometimes it’s just easier to find a walking trail and get the job done while being able to reset mentally, and then head back to the gym when you’re ready.

Yes, you should continue working out. Allow that to be a constant in your life that will always pay you in positive health. Working out doesn’t have to just be confined to a gym, nor rigorous walking. Take some time to research different work out options so that your workouts can adjust as you need them to, to fit whatever is going on in your life. Always remember to balance exercise with good nutrition, and you’ll have a better change or dealing with life. Even if you are waiting to see pounds lost from exercising, remember you are also strengthening your heart, immune system, and muscles. Living in a world facing a pandemic has many uncertainties, but you can help fortify your body through working out. Exercise is one of this activities that should always make the cut.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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