Will Switching to Plant Based Guarantee Weight Loss.

(BlackFitness101.com) Diet directly effects ones ability to lose weight, and have overall good health. There is a movement right not that is gaining significant traction; that is switching one’s diet to a plant based lifestyle. To be clear for some it means becoming a vegetarian for others it means strictly being vegan…and there are many other degrees of plant based diets. There are many reasons to move to plant based and some of those reasons are environmental, animal activism and overall betterment of health. However, there is also a group that is looking towards a plant based lifestyle as a guaranteed method to lose weight. Sometimes when embarking on the weight loss journey some tend to work in parts. Basically, this means they decide to start the journey by addressing their diet and getting that on track consistently, then adding the workout regimen once the diet is established. I can understand that order as I honestly did the same.

One thing it is very important to do when working on weight lose is to make sure all your research has been done. When changing your diet, you are unsure of how your body will initially respond, it will take your mind and pallet some time to adjust, and you want to be sure you aren’t setting yourself up for a setback. Moving to a plant based diet to lose weight might help your progress, but you still can’t just eat what you want. You will also need to make the adjustments necessary to ensure you are intaking the right about of protein since animal protein has been remove; the same must be done to make sure you are getting the healthy fats your body requires.


Far to often it us understood that if one removed meat and animal products from the diet there is a guarantee weight will be lost. Sometimes this is in addition to an exercise plan, and sometimes the dietary plan is alone in the weight loss efforts initially. While protein, fruits & vegetables, and grains are all important to overall nutrition, more adjustments to diet will be needed when trying to lose weight.

A person that doesn’t live a plant based diet has to be mindful of what proteins they consume so that they are not working against their weight loss goals. They must also have the same mindset on food that is plant based. It is important to be mindful of the carb content. Not eating animal based food might be a great additive to dietary adjustments, but you’d also want to be careful with certain potatoes, white bread, and various different grains. Packing in the potatoes, white rice, enriched bleached wheat flour pastas and bread might not be the best options to intake when trying to loose weight. However, they are plant based, but better choices could be weight loss is the goal.

When researching how to maximize the benefit of one’s diet for weight loss, and overall wellness, you’d want to remember that simply switching to a plant based diet will not guarantee you’ll  see pounds shred. It is important to remember how many calories, how much sugar, and how many carbs you are taking in. Talk to a healthcare professional to make sure you are giving your body exactly what it needs to accomplish your weight loss goal. The due diligence is necessary even if you are changing or adjusting your lifestyle.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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