Too Many Cheat Days Will Kill Progress.

( I know all to well how important fitness is to wellness, and I learned this by watching the health of those I hold dear deteriorate. I decided that in this 40th year of my life I will reach my health and fitness goals. I began by making adjustments to my eating habits and making a life change to move forward with low carbs. I had always leaned in this direction, so it felt natural, and my doctor felt it was a great change. Pounds began to drop as I was making dietary changes and increasing my water substantially. Granted I had a bit of motivation because I bought a dress for a vow renewal, I was to take part in, and I purchased my first goal size instead of my current size. Once I got my eating under control, I began cardio and low weight resistance to get my body moving.

There were noticeable changes in overall energy and how my body was functioning. I admit some days I wanted the food I had no business eating, but there was a 100.00 dress hanging for me to see that was a reminder of my goals. I worked towards this dress for eight months, and I’m proud to say I was flawless.


The weekend of the renewal I allowed myself to have fun and eat fun. It was awesome I tell you! A weekend turned into a week, which turned into two weeks. The cheat days were quickly catching up with me. The scale was kind, but the way my body felt was anything but kind. I realized I was so focused on the goal of the dress that I was losing site of the initial goal…my overall fitness and health. This is important because short term fitness goals ought not be allowed to grow so huge in one’s eyes that they overshadow the big picture.

When there are too many cheat days it is easy to fall into old habits of eating recklessly and losing that sense of focus that is needed to workout. There can also be a degree of depression that can set in because one can begin to feel as though they failed. This is a very crucial moment! In this moment you can forgive yourself, get up, re-commit to your dietary lifestyle, and get your body moving…or decide to quit. You don’t have to quit! A part of the journey to fitness is self-forgiveness. I found myself having to tell myself “I’m sorry we had a two-week hiatus, but we’ve got to get back on track”! You can get back on track.

Working towards fitness is a challenge, and when obesity is involved, the journey can be more rigorous.  It can feel as though setbacks are absolute failures, but they are not. You are still I control, and part of that control is loving yourself through the fitness journey. Minimize the cheat days; find ways to stick to your plan even when you’ll be away in a manner that allows you to feel comfortable, and productive. Progress that has been lost is behind you. New progress can be made with every meditation, healthy meal, and workout session. You can move forward towards your goals past the cheat snafu. I’m determined to see my goals manifest, so can you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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