Change Can Begin With a Walk.

( Everyone knows to expect packs gyms at the beginning of January as the “New Yea New Me” wave begins. For some this will be the start of a fitness journey that will last in its consistency. Some will begin to transform their body and health and they choose 2022 as the beginning of life altering change. They decided they needed a lifestyle adjustment, and truth be told they’ve been planning for the start of this plan for quite some time. They didn’t decide January 1st that they will change their life. Subtle changes began in 2021 as they decided that the next year would be their time to finally make significant strides in this area.

These are the people that will actually still be in the gym well after the “New Me” craze is over. However, for the most part this percentage of people is rather low. Once February is over, we will begin to see the gym return to its regular numbers, with the faithful new few added to those ranks. Life will start happening for some, goals will be altered for others, and some will decide the gym just simply isn’t for them. They will seek other ways to meet their health and fitness needs. Then there are those that will fall off, and they won’t really be able to explain it…one minute they were in the gym and they next minute they will be gone.

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There are those of us out there that want to make positive health and fitness changes but didn’t bother with the “New Me” dash to the gym. That mad dash didn’t work last year, nor the year before, however it did cost an unnecessary amount of money between the membership, and whatever else was felt needed to hit the gym. When cost and commitment to the gym was put into perspective it simply couldn’t be justified if it wasn’t going to be maximized. Knowing oneself is very important, and making the best choices based on what you know you will, or will not do, if more important than keeping up with a trend. Just because you aren’t I the gym, or a fitness class, doesn’t mean you can’t start making changes to better your health, and moving your body towards better fitness. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is literally start moving. Change can begin with a change in habits, it can begin with a walk. Sometimes we take for granted how many calories we can burn by simply organizing our life and maintaining that organization.

Getting up and cleaning your home regularly…sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, stooping, and bending are all tasks that can get the body moving. Starting your day off with stretching can do wonders for your joints and muscles. Planning a time to just go outside and take a walk to take in some fresh air, and clear the mind gets your body moving and it can improve mental health. In making small changes you can improve your overall health, and environment, while burning calories with every step you take. Creating these habits and making them a part of your daily, or weekly routine can create a consistency that is needed to work on fitness.

As you are able to commit to these changes and see them become routine it gives you something to build on regarding fitness. You might see your 10 min stretch become a 20 min stretch. The 20min walk could easily grow into a 25 then 30-minute walk. Your walk can start at a leisure pace, eventually develop into a brisk walk, a power walk, and maybe eventually a jog. All of this is progress that began with movement around the house and a walk. You might discover that you prefer outdoor fitness verses being in a gym, and your fitness intensity can grow based on what you enjoy. Furthermore, creating this consistency very well could be what you need to eventually return to the gym because you feel you are now in a place whereby you can maintain a consistent workout, so its not a waste of money. Whichever path you choose you owe it to yourself to feel your best and experience the best health possible.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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