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Let’s Get back to Eating Balanced.

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(BlackFitness101.com) This year, 2020, had presented challenges like we have never seen in our lifetime. As we navigate our way through a pandemic, social unrest, political upheaval, economic & financial hardship, and being surrounded by the constant threat of death it can have a damaging tool on our ability to care for one’s physical person. Let’s been honest some have lost the desire to do something as basic as eating and moving the body. There is sometimes the push to comfort eat and deal with the consequences later. With so much going on it can lead us to feel there is nothing we can truly control anymore. However, it is important now more than ever to try and pay attention to our health, fitness, and nutrition.

If you decide it’s time to move your body, even if it is just to clear your mind, it would be very important that you get back to balance in your diet. We all know the body needs fuel to function, and of course to get the full advantage of physical activity.  Consider the safest options available to get your meals back to balance. This might mean removing some comfort carbs, the influx of milk chocolate, the sugary fizzy drinks, or whatever has become the unbalanced go to. Granted it is understandable that one might need cheat days and snacks…this is not meant to be rigorous nor an indictment. We are all trying to survive at this point, but if we are to try to continue offering self the best chance to improve quality of living we will have to return to some form of balance in our food choices.

Sometimes getting back to balance will mean incorporating meals that have been missing. Maybe you are like me…I’m horrible at eating an adequate amount of food over the course of several days when there is too much on my mind. Skipping meals is another lack of balance…especially if it is not the result of something like intermitted fasting. You might be wondering why you have been feeling sluggish. There could be times you are battling headaches as you go about your day, or as you are re-introducing light cardio into your day.

Dizzy spells could have you questioning if something serious is going wrong with your health. You might find that the road to relief can be found in a balanced meal…several balanced meals. If eating three times a day is too much try 4 or 5 small meals. If those meals need to start in the form of smoothies that is understandable also…just do what is necessary to get yourself back in working order.

Everyday we wake up there seems to be another challenge to face in a time of complete uncertainty. However, if possible, eat. Make sure you are getting the nutrients you need to function physically and mentally. We all know fitness begins in the kitchen. Remember to be good to yourself and be good to your body.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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