No Resolutions: One Workout at a Time.

( There are many people that have very rigid health and weight loss goals as New Year resolutions. January usually has a large influx of people in the gym with the mindset of creating, or returning to, a new self. 2020 changed life as we know it in many ways. Health had to become a forefront issues as the pandemic showed not only weakness in our healthcare system, but in our own handling of self-care regarding health. Many were forced to find new ways to meet fitness goals as the we were forced out of the gym.

For some this meant connecting or reconnecting with the outdoors, for other it meant home workouts, and some workouts came to a screeching halt. I have to admit, when the pandemic began, I was busy trying to manage my anxiety as many people I know personally battled with the virus, and some lost said battle. Working out for me, and some others, didn’t seem as important. Granted, we know New Year resolutions are often, more than not, broken. The focus id gone almost as quickly as it came. Yet, health and fitness is almost always a resolution. This year let’s try something different.

If 2020 didn’t teach us anything, we learned that plans and resolutions can be destroyed in a moment. Being healthy and working on a consistent fitness regimen is still important. Maybe it’s too important to be merely relegated to a New Year resolution. We are learning the power and blessing of health firsthand. This year let’s leave the resolutions about health and fitness behind. Health and fitness must become so much a part of who we are, and such a necessity that it is a resolution…it’s what we do. This might sound daunting at first, but it is important to set an intention.

As we endeavor to live healthier it is important to take the journey one workout and meal at a time. When you are moving towards the journey of health and fitness as a lifestyle, remember to give yourself grace. Every workout won’t be perfect, and there will be days you mess up a meal. The key is consistency and getting back up when the day was not what you needed it to be.

We all know now how quickly life can throw a curve ball that can land us in bad situations with health. One of the ways to help self through this pandemic is to do all we can to be as healthy physically and mentally as we can. Set realistic short and long term goals for your overall health. Not making the resolution this year might lead to reaching the goal. When the goal is the improvement of life via health, we’ll find that weight loss and other gains come with it. Resolutions can be, in a sense, short sighted and cruel. They don’t always allow us room to have the bad days, nor to love on self. When we don’t need the resolution goal it can be devastating putting a damper on our entire year. This year we simply don’t need all of that.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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