Are You Back in the Gym.

( The Covid-19 pandemic has turned our life upside down. Many of that are serious about fitness would fine the gym to be a place of sanctuary when life begins to go left. However, in this situation we saw that sanctuary be destroyed. Some tried to maintain some level of exercise just so that they could keep some level of normal as they navigate this new norm. However, there were those that found working out to be difficult outside of the space they were accustomed to.

For these gym goers the clouds began to break the moment they could re-enter the gym. Yes, masks can make working out difficult as far as breathing goes, but it was better than being separated from the gym. Social distancing for many gym goers was not difficult in a sense as it is a solitary activity for the most part unless one is a part of a class.

I admit I have not step back into the gym yet. Part of me is vey apprehensive after having family face covid-19. When I think about going back to the gym my mind flashes back to times before this when I would be on a treadmill wondering why this person had to get on the machine next to me when so many others was available. I know that might sound horrible but working out really is a solitary activity for me. I didn’t like interaction of any kind in that space.

Originally, I thought this need to be to myself would be great given the need for social distancing, yet I found my anxiety would not allow me to enter a place that once helped relieve said anxiety. This state forced me to realize I need to exercise but I would need to find an alternative to the gym until I could feel a bit more comfortable.

As the new norms take over there are many alternatives now to going into the gym. Some meet outdoors to workout, social distancing observed, in a manner that also allow them to meet the needs of human interaction. Let’s be honest the quarantines have taken a serious toll on health physically and mentally. Some have chosen to meet their fitness needs by using various apps, online workouts, or they get it done in front of the TV. Yet, the gym is still a craving for so many of us.

It is very understandable that once the gym became available someone was going to say, look I have a mask and will find me a corner, but I have to go. I admit there is an unspoken energy in the gym that feeds the workout. Are you back in the gym? If so, how hard was it for you to return, or was it relatively easy? Did the alternatives to the gym work for you? Granted, given the changes we are all facing it is fair to question if the energy in the gym will remain the same, or if the sanctuary feel will remain.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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