Too Much of a Good Thing.

( Take more vitamins, eat more green vegetable and fruit, drink more water, get more rest, try new supplements, and stay in the gym. You have heard various versions of these statements. All of these things are good for your health, but too much of any of these things can be detrimental to the same health you are trying to preserve. You might be thinking how can you drink too much water or eat too many fruit and veggies but you can.

Like Many things in life your health requires balance. This is easy to see when we are not doing anything of the things mentioned consistently to have good health and fit bodies. Having a zeal to treat your body better is wonderful, but let’s look at what can happen if you don’t balance what you are doing.

Doing too much of anything with one’s diet is not good. Drinking plenty of water is a great benefit for the body. However, binge drinking water all day without nutrients doesn’t offer any asset to the body. You can find yourself bloated, and if you mix this with too many fruits and veggies you might find yourself with the runs. It’s important to do everything with balance. Too many vitamins and supplements can begin to cancel each other out. Some of them can have various side effects that range from headaches to diarrhea. If you are not careful more serious effects can occur that can land you in the hospital. This should not be the outcome of trying to eat healthy so don’t overdo it…remember balance is everything.

Working out is a wonderful thing. It can help you work on fitness while bettering your overall health. Having a zeal for fitness is amazing. However, as with other things mentioned over doing it in your workout can cause said workout to come to a halt. You want a workout that is a challenge and will give you a good sweat. However, enduring a rigorous painful workout that takes you well beyond your limits can make movement difficult the next day.

Its one thing to be sore, but another too workout so hard to the point your muscles lock up and you find yourself unable to walk. Furthermore, overdoing your workout can lead to injury that would also bring your workout to a stop. Make sure you are not causing bodily harm in the spirit of wanting not to make sure you are not slacking in your workout.

It is wonderful when you begin on the journey of health and fitness, and you start to see results. You want to continue to learn about nutrition and exercise you can continue to grow and reach the goals you have set for yourself. Understand there is plenty to learn along the way, and you can’t find ways to reach goals overnight. You want to do all you can to take your time and balance this area of your life. it is not beneficial to do too much of anything no matter how good that thing may be. From drinking water, to sleeping, to working out you want everything to have a good healthy balance. This will benefit every area of your life.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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