Adjust with Your Body.

( As we get go through different life phases, situations, and as we get older the body changes. Getting a set routine for what you eat, how you work out, sleep and essentially live is important. However, it is not healthy to get so caught up in the routine that you miss the signs indicating that your body is going through a change. Sometimes, we might miss the signs of the body making changes as we go about the day to hustle and bustle. Once we feel we are at a space in self-care it’s easy to try and reject what we see.

Sometimes it’s a simple as needing to rest certain muscles groups an extra day, work in a bit more of sleep, or maybe your body is having a different response to certain food groups. When we miss the adjustment signs or ignore them we set the body up to go through difficulties that could land us anywhere from discomfort to the hospital.

Working out can be very much so about routine, however there are times you will have to make the adjustments your body need to prevent injury or cause more damage to existing conditions. Of course, injury means you must adjust to accommodate the healing factor your body needs. This might seem like common knowledge, however there are those that feel the best way to bounce back is to go hard in the hurt areas. This will not strengthen whatever is injured. Doing to much with injury will cause serious setbacks that could cost you the gains you’ve made. Pregnancy is another adjustment. Every woman is different, but understanding your body is key. Some women can workout up into their last trimester, and some must slow down quickly. In this space it’s about being healthy and safe. The same mindset is necessary after having the badly, because many women are ready to “snap” their body back quickly. This is not always safe, nor possible. There are so many situations that can cause you to change up your habit in the gym; just be sure you are listening to your body.

Food is always an interesting space. Meal prep, and routine is great when one is disciplined for it. I admit I find it hard to eat variations of the same thing all week long. As you grow you may find dairy products, certain meats, or certain carbs are beginning to noticeable disagree with you. It’s always good to check with your doctor to make sure you don’t have any conditions, such as celiac’s disease, that would cause certain foods to disagree with you. Even if disease or medical issues are ruled out you might find yourself needing to adjust your diet so that your body is able to function at it’s best. Many have heard the words “food is medicine” so you must make sure your body is getting what it needs, and this can be a difficult, but necessary, adjustment.

Adjustments are not always easy, nor welcomed. However, we must do what is necessary to take the best care of our body we can. It is important to adjust in the gym as your body or circumstances dictate. It may be hard to give up a food you love, but the beauty of food is there is so much more to explore. Making the necessary adjustments for your body can cause you to be happier, and have a better quality of life.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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