The Energy Drink Crash.

( Energy drinks are a regular go to for many people as they try to simply stay awake long enough to get everything, or close to it, done in the course of a day. For some people energy drinks have become a necessary part of their diet, and it is consumed more than water or any other drink. It’s easy to feel that the energy drink isn’t so bad because it’s calorie and/or sugar free. We wake up to energy drinks, walk in the gym with energy drinks, work with energy drinks in hand, get through our home routines with the family with energy drinks, and they can even be found in what should be our relaxation spaces.

The cycle remains constant: work, energy drink, fight being tired, energy drink. There are energy drinks that claim they don’t cause the dreaded crash…but anything unnatural, and out of balance, can cause the crash we’re told won’t happen. This is dangerous to one’s health, and over time you might find that more of them to help you stay awake s they are a temporary fix.

In all the movement of the day you may find that water, vitamins and eating healthy is missing consistently in your life. Even if you are in the gym working out on a regular basis, it’s hard to get all the benefit of the workout when you are fighting to stay awake on the treadmill as you don’t have the nutrition to maintain the workout. It is hard to acknowledge that part of the reason you remain epically tired is the very thing you are using to remedy the tiredness…energy drinks. You have probably had light shakes, a slight race of the heart a time or two, and several kinds of crashes. It’s not unlikely that there are times you drank the energy drink and was knocked out within 10min of drinking such. Many too many of us are one crash away from a disaster.

The thing is no one is saying don’t have an occasional energy drink, but it unhealthy to consume several of them every day. This kind of habit is not good for your organs, and it doesn’t help keep you awake. It can be argued once you build a tolerance for the energy drinks you have to drink more for it to have any effect. Eventually, it won’t matter how much you drink it will be more habitual than useful. Try eating foods that give you energy such are various fruits and vegetable. Make sure you aren’t skipping meals, you are drinking adequate amounts of water, and getting good exercise. Making these things a habit along with actually getting some sleep will help boost your energy naturally. If you are already doing these things and are still struggling with fatigue you may need to see your doctor to find the source of the fatigue.

Grabbing an energy drink at every turn is convenient…it’s quick. It allows us to think we are helping ourselves keep moving so that we can remain as productive as possible. However, not even out time in the gym can truly help when energy drinks are being consumed like water around the clock. Consider lowering your consumption of energy drinks so that your body can naturally produce the energy you need. You will kind that you are more alert, focused, and productive.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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