Some Wait for Winter to Get Their Body Right.

( When spring is in sight there is a push to get the “beach body” ready. Spring and summer wardrobe options have many ready to get themselves together. People begin to come out of their winter workout hibernation to shed the “winter fluff”. The very energy that spring invokes for many exudes life, wellness and the power of the sun. It’s wonderful to see, and it can motivate you to get out and walk, jog in the park, or just hit your gym more often because you don’t mind leaving the house. Unless you are lamenting the passing of the winter season. Though it might seem strange there are those of us that are not excited to see spring.

We don’t want to spring forward our clocks, and the change in season signifies allergies, and extremely uncomfortable heat. Though it’s not seen much there are those of use that are excited as the days count down on the calendar to fall. We begin to be excited about the notion that “Winter is Coming”.

I admit, I am one of these people. Spring and summer are not a workout motivation and I hate leaving my home for the gym or anything else. It is disrespectfully hot, and my allergies have no mercy. Spring/summer clothing options were never my favorite, so I’m not moved by them. I’m of those that love everything about winter. Once the temperatures begin to cool off as fall approaches its time to get my body together for my favorite season of dress, and the only season that I have the option to exercise outside verses just the gym. It may take longer to work up the sweat needed for burning calories when its 40 degrees outside, but that’s okay I can move without allergies and I can actually breath. I noticed I’m not the only person that has a workout affinity for the fall/winter months. There are people out there that do not hibernate in the cold…they get their best work done. They are more diligent getting to the gym, they will go walk/jog in the park and though they know the warming up of muscles takes a bit more work…their body functions better in the cool/cold climate.

If you are considering snow days and ice as a deterrent to working out which makes the winter workout lover seem a bit off…remember there are days when its is so hot outside, we are advised to stay indoors. Furthermore, in some regions of the country rain is just as immobilizing as snow. It’s understandable that so many feel a kinship with everything spring/summer represents. Just know some of us will see the gym a bit less during those seasons, or it’s a struggle to keep the consistency.

However, we increase productivity in the fall/winter and there is no winter fluff to gain. If you are one that loves that cold workout tell us about your winter regimen. What energy does fall/winter personify for you, and how does that aid your workout routine in terms of motivation?

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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