The Workout Groups Can be Motivating.

( Working on one’s self-care in the area of fitness can be viewed as a solitary act. Often times we speak with the doctor, nutritionist, or trainer about how we can go about becoming fit. Once that information is in hand the next step is moving along the path of fitness, but sometimes there is a feeling that one must go at it alone. Many of us see the groups of people that come to the gym with their workout team and that can be misinterpreted as the groups are solely for social purposed, verse focusing on making fitness gains.  The path to fitness does not have to be lonely, as over time that can be discouraging. You must consider your personality when going about a fitness journey. You may have to, also, consider if you have embarked on this before, and what caused you to derail from your goals.

Your journey to fitness does not have to be one sided. Just as everything does not have to be done alone, you also don’t have to try to do everything with a group. These spaces can coexist in your workout regimen to give you a balance between receiving motivation and having “me” time. Its understandable to feel that focus is necessary to the point that you don’t want to fall into a space whereby the gym becomes unproductive. Too many of us have seen the group that comes in looking like the image of a great workout, but they just take up machines with minimal to no usages and there is a chatter that can be downright annoying. With that being said, look at cycle classes whereby you see people working together, sweating it out, and encouraging each other to push beyond limitations. These are the differences of groups, but the push is often what is needed.

The push that one can receive from a group with workout partners can be what allows one to move pass the point of derailment that may have taken place in the past. The people you are working out with can encourage you forward, and give various ideas on how to strengthen self, and improve different aspects of your individual workout. This time with your workout group can be a factor in helping you stay focused when working out alone. You may pay more attention to parts of your workout that you may not have been aware of before meeting others that are further along in your journey. You know that your goal is to become a better version of you.

The gym can exist as a space for “me” time that can be used for mediation and decompression of self. You can also have days where you work in tandem with others that encourage you along the journey. On days when the workout is particularly difficult, and you are not feeling your best about self they can help you remember why you are awesome and must keep going. If your personality doesn’t work well in groups continue to do what will be best for you mentally, and physically to reach your fitness goals. However, if you are able to incorporate group workout you if can be a great asset.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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