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Monday, March 4, 2024

Lets be Real About Weight Loss.

(BlackFitness101.com) It is important to get to a weight that allows your body to function well. It is already known that being overweight can cause a laundry list of physical health problems; it also contributes to mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. We don’t live in a society that is kind to overweight people. This battle with self-image can lead to further weight gain. Health and fitness is a life long journey. Losing weight, in some cases, is a life long struggle. If it is brought on by an addiction to unhealthy easting as a result of a certain mental and emotional space like depression it can become a life long journey. When there are no health issues that caused weight gains it is important to be honest about unhealthy patterns of behavior. To lose weight you must be real with yourself, exercise patience, and establish a consistency of health behavior.

In most cases weight gain did not happen overnight. Unrealistic expectations should be removed because they can become very discouraging. Expecting to lose large amount of weight a week with a ruthless workout, or starve yourself diets won’t give you the results you desire. More importantly this cycle can leave you feeling hopefully, and disgusted with self, and your body. That is what can lead to serious overeating. Sometimes the diet is so restricting you feel the need to take a cheat day with leads to cheat days, and that can lead you back to regular eating habits.

When you decide it’s time to work on weight loss you will have to retrain how you interact with food. It will be important to talk with a dietician, and get an understanding of what foods you body need to function well. It will also be important to make sure you are drinking water. It will be important to get passed the “I don’t like water” barrier. As adults working towards wellness there will be times, we will have to step out of our comfort zone for the sake of living our best life. You must be honest with yourself in order to get on the path of wellness.

Going to the gym to exercise won’t always be easy, and it requires patience. If your body has been out of shape for years you can’t fix that in a week or two. It will take getting up and hitting the gym on days you’d rather stay in bed. In this you must also allow yourself to be real with self. Fitness has to be a priority set above many others to get the results you seek. It will require commitment, and tenacity beyond your soreness, doubts, and frustration. For many losing weight, and maintaining the loss, is one of the hardest things to do.

As you prepare to embark upon weight loss to better your health, and value of life remember to be real with yourself. Try not to get angry when the scale doesn’t move and your diet has been horrible, you aren’t getting enough activity, or you just started on this path. Patience and consistency will render you results. Health and fitness is a way of life not a diet or insane short term workout routine.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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