Working Out with my Spouse Use to be Hard.

( After having my first child I was tasked with needing to get into the gym so that I could get my body back in working order. I can’t speak for other women, but my first child was over eight pounds and the epidural had a serious impact on my already strained lower back. I didn’t gain much weight in the pregnancy, but I was working on weight loss prior to pregnancy and saw increases in weight gain after having my son. I didn’t want to work out alone because I didn’t believe I could stay focused nor encouraged. My husband is a trainer and works out regularly so I knew he would be able to help me come up with a workout regimen that would not be too much for me starting out. he offered to workout with me, and I was excited. Granted, I had never seen my husband in a gym I just knew that he has been an athlete all of his life and the gym was a sanctuary for him. What I thought would be a great experience began in turmoil.

After my husband accessed my abilities, and limitations, he created a routine that pushed me but did not cause damage to my back. I seriously felt good about it and began my workout journey with confidence…until I saw him. He was light years away from me in ability andstrength. Yes, I knew this, but it caused me to feel insecure about where I was in my fitness. I wasn’t as able to receive what he was telling me because I took the stance that he didn’t understand what it meant to be overweight. I forgot that technically speaking, in the gym he was acting as my trainer and workout partner. Everything got too personal very quickly. There are many that can relate to this when they choose to workout with their significant other, or best friend. There seems to be a need to compare where you to where they are, and this causes deep discouragement. If you are not careful you can begin to resent the gains they are making in fitness because, even if you have gains also, you simply are not where they are.

It is very important to remember your fitness journey belongs to you regardless of who is helping you along the way. Whether it was recent or far off there was a time when the person you are working out with did not have the body they have. Their body was forged over time with work, and dedication…and your body will require the same. When those that love you workout with you they see your effort and want to be there with you to encourage you forward…they are not your competition.

I had to respect the work my husband had done over the years in the area of his fitness. It was important to understand the trainer is not looking down upon you they are there to help you reach a goal…even if the trainer is a spouse. I’ve learned to value his knowledge and support while on my fitness journey. Once I got past my insecurity working our with my spouse/trainer became a wonderful experience that allowed us to work on becoming healthier for self, each other and our family together.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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