Build on Your Limitations.

( Many things can force one to realize they need to live a healthier life with more physical activity. Sometimes the decision to hit the gym can come from just wanting to be and feel healthier. The sluggish feeling is enough to set some people in motion. Then there is watching someone in our family, or friend circle, go through medical challenges knowing that a healthier lifestyle would have helped minimize the situation. This is difficult because giving the advice of a healthier lifestyle often falls on deaf ears, or is met with a defensive stance. However, sometimes the need to do better comes from one’s own health challenges.

It could be a diagnosis, or continual pain that can only be elevated through a healthy diet, and consistent physical fitness. Once you are sold on the idea of getting healthy it is important to realize that fitness is a journey. Far too often we start with huge goal, but when there are limitations a foot they must be respected.

It’s understandable that you want to start your new workout journey strong giving it all you’ve got but depending on the state of your body you may have to build endurance from your limitations. In your mind you might see yourself trying to walk a mile or run two on the treadmill. You might see yourself doing circuits at the gym, or two workouts a day. However, starting out this can be both unrealistic and painful. The pain that you will fill physically won’t compare to the mental discouragement. Pushing your body beyond its limits puts you at risk for injury, and the kind of soreness that will make beyond difficult to move. It is in those spaces that it becomes easy to get down on yourself and regress back into inactivity. This is one of the reasons you might find it hard to get on a fitness regimen and stick to it…you are to hurt to move over the next several days.

If you are able to talk with a trainer, they can help you access where you are physically. However, if that is not an option consider adding more movement to your regular day as you work your way to your workout goals. Take the stairs sometimes instead of the elevator, go for a nice walk at your own pace in the park, take some time to stretch in the morning and/or evening, and consider something that is low impact such as yoga. Stretching, and yoga, will help with flexibility, and stress. This would be an asset to your fitness journey.

Regardless of why you have decided to get on the road to fitness…it’s a wonderful decision. However, remember it is a marathon not a sprint. Allow your body to adjust to this new path while pushing yourself. Remember to make sure you are factoring in the healthy diet needed to sustain this new workout journey. Though this may sound odd…enjoy the journey. Watching your body transform into a stronger healthier state is truly amazing and encouraging. The physical limitations you face now are just stepping stones to a stronger healthier you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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