5 Office Exercises to Make Your Workplace Your Gym.

(BlackFitness101.com) Office exercises should be fun, easy to do, and interesting. Not long ago a friend asked me what exercises can she do while sitting in the office. Although it was difficult to answer because I didn’t know what type of work environment they have in their office, it was an interesting question. I invited her, we sat down, and we talked about it. Here are the five office exercises and ideas that worked for her and didn’t interfere with her work routine.

Get one elastic resistance band

You can buy an elastic resistance band for as low as $3 to $5. You can exercise with the band literally anywhere. Start with lower body exercise. Stand on the band holding the handles and then pull the band towards your head. Take it as high as you can. You can try leg curl, plantar flexion, band walking and so much more with a single band. You can easily find ways to do a full-body exercise.

Pelvic floor exercises

Regardless of your gender, you should strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with exercises like Kegels. Do as much as you can. The best thing is, you don’t even have to move an inch because these exercises can be done anytime. You can do them even when you’re sitting or standing. You can do it even while moving but it needs some practice so start kegel exercise next time you are at the desk.

Sweet little habits

Office exercises should become a part of your routine. If I tell you that walking is the best exercise, you will most likely respond with “I walk a lot”. Yes, you do and since you value your health, you probably avoid lift and escalators. All these habits are really good, but most of us don’t know how much we walk and how much calories we burn. For that, you can buy a fitness tracker but most importantly, put reminders and make sure walking for at least 5-10 mins in every two hours. Monitor your activity and strictly follow the 5 to 10 minutes rule.

Calf Raise

You can do this exercise anywhere no matter if you are sitting or standing near a wall. If you’re standing, keep your arms straight and lift your heels so you can feel the pressure in the balls of your feet and your calves. You can hold dumbbells in your hands if you can carry them to your office. If you are not carrying anything, you can just keep your arms straight or you move them up as you lift your heels and bring back as you lower down your heels on the floor.


It’s a common exercise and almost everybody does that at some point to feel fresh and active. But if you are trying to achieve something more than just flexibility, there are many variations of stretching which you can try at the desk. Tight muscles are the reason people feel the strain on joints. While sitting in your office, a little stretching can help you recover from injuries and strain.

Office exercises may not fulfill your daily exercise needs, but instead of sitting idle, some activities can significantly improve your strength and boost your confidence level. Check this site out for reviews on workout equipment like dumbbells for your office if you want a better workout. So try these office exercises and make sure keeping a journal, so you never miss anything you are planning to do to stay fit and healthy.

That said, a balanced diet is also very important because that’s how you’re going to see more positive results. So keep that in mind and plan a diet accordingly.

Staff Writer; Nina Brown

Questions? Feel free to email me at; NinaB@BlackFitness101.com.