The Gym is Not the Place for Drama.

( Some people go to the gym to workout, in peace. Every person working out doesn’t see the gym as an interactive community that they engage in on a social level, and there is nothing wrong with that. For others the gym is a place to work out, but it is a community whereby different members come together to encourage each other in reaching their goals. Sometimes those that see it as a community grow healthy relationships that transcend merely the gym. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this comradery as it can make for very positive bonds that are definitely an asset to a supportive community.

It is important to see the difference between these two gym members, and not confuse them. Furthermore, the gym is never a good place for drama. Apart of the benefits of working out is reducing stress. It’s a space whereby you can get a breather from the nonsense of the world, and the stress of life and people. Its not that no one cares about the drama another person is facing, it’s just the gym should be a safe haven from such so the timing is bad.

I admit I am the gym member that walks in looking to embark on some meaningful ME time. I’m married with a family, and I work both in and out of the home. I find that when I come to the gym, I need the space to decompress from the stress that can come with work, family and just life. I speak as I’m walking in, but I tend not to join “classes” because I am specifically not looking for a community closeness when I work out. My trainer, husband, has given me the workout plan for that day so I just want to work out in peace. Nothing is more disturbing to me than when speaking becomes the person on the treadmill next to me wanting to have a conversation. She wants to discuss the issues with her job, spouse, kids, family and life. I don’t want to be rude, but I feel she’s invading my space.

Putting my headphones on didn’t stop the conversation…she kept talking. It was drama on 10, and I felt trapped in that moment. It’s not that I just don’t care but I don’t know her, and this is not what I came to the gym to experience. All I wanted was my workout, my music, and the message chair at the end of everything. I had to fake needing to use the restroom to get out of that situation. That’s completely inconsiderate of what the gym is to some people.

Even in classes where there are community spaces within the gym. the goal is usually positive encouragement getting through workouts and achieving goals. Unless one knows an individual personally outside of the gym its can be seen as rude to simply start dumping life’s problems on those in this positive group. Again, this is not about not caring. However, its important to remember that many people in the gym are battling with life’s stress and issues. Many of them see that place as a sanctuary of peace.

The gym is the space designated to release stress in a positive manner so forcing one’s drama into that space is often inconsiderate. If you are dealing with a lot when you come to the gym please know you aren’t alone, and those in that space might not be able to carry your stress while releasing their own. The gym isn’t the best place for drama.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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