We Must Minimize Stress.

(BlackFitness101.com) Many of us have been told stress is a part of life. There is nothing we can do about stress we must simply learn how to manage it we’re told. Due to this understanding many have accepted several levels of stress and are seeing that they are not always able to keep up with the damage stress causes. It is true there is some degree of stress to a lot of things we do on a regular basis such as work. Interactions with various people, and situations, can also be a great source of stress. The state of the country and world is also showing itself as a heavy stress for many. Granted we can work on maintaining a healthy low sodium diet, with plenty of water to help lower stress. Many go to the gym or get involved in a physical activity so that they can burn through the stress in a productive way. However, for some this simply isn’t enough.

Eating healthy and exercising will have a wonderful impact on the body, and mental health. However, to fight stress we must understand that everything we allow to stress us has an impact on the body. Sometimes we are unable to unburden all of it working out because far too often the stress follows us to the gym. Far to often we enter the spaces to relieve stress mentally riddles with the issues causing such. There has to be a way by which we compartmentalize different areas of our life so that we can get some relief from stress.

This would allow the workout to clear our heads with opportunity to see different perspectives, and options, we didn’t think of when in the throws of stress. Sometimes we might have to unplug from people and social media so we can place focus on self to alleviate stress. There is nothing wrong with being a very supportive friend and family member, but you can’t help others if you are falling by the wayside.

Furthermore, every issue they face is not one for you to tackle. There has to be boundaries by which you are not available because your focus in said space is self-care. Sometimes you can’t take that all you know is riddles with drama because you are headed to the gym to take care of you. There will be times whereby you aren’t able to administer advice because you are about to begin your meditation. Those are situations where you can minimize stress because you simply steered clear of it to do something that was very necessary for your health.

Stress is not something we can totally eliminate. However, its not wise to wait until migraines descends on the head, or strokes and heart attacks threaten our life to begin minimizing stress. The areas od stress that we can’t avoid require that we manage those spaces wisely. Making sure to plan, get adequate sleep, eat healthy, and stay active is a part of managing, and relieving stress. However, in addition to that we must simply remove the stress areas that we can control.

There should be spaces in our life that is solely reserved for self-care where we can build up the positive energy needed to aid in good health physically and mentally. Try not to allow someone else’s stress, or the stress that can come from staying plugged in to all the craziness in the world, stop you from being happy and healthy to the best of your potential.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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