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How to Reset After an Intense Morning Workout.

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( Post-workout recovery is as important as your workout routine. Your muscles grow when you end a workout session. That’s the time when muscle growth begins. Don’t take it lightly because, without a proper recovery strategy, you won’t see the results your desire and your day will be ruined due to tiredness, pain or lack of strength.

After a workout, your body needs a complete reset and it can happen only if you follow a protocol. Here’s what you need to do to reset after an intense morning workout.

Sit back and relax

This is the time when your body needs some more oxygen, nutrition, and most importantly, some rest. If you don’t feel like running or walking, just sit down, keep your spine straight. If you want, keep a pillow between your head and the wall and sit idle for some time. Slow breathing can help you feel better. Repeat this process every day and you will start seeing the benefits.

Stretch your body

You probably do this before a workout, but it is also important that you do it after an intense workout session. First of all, see if your breathing is normal and there’s no shortness of breath. Now stand up and stretch your body. There are many ways you can do it, so choose the ones you are comfortable with.

Remember that your workout session is over and now you’re just bringing your body back to its normal state. Go slow and you’ll see the benefits such as more speed, power, and reduced injury in muscles.

Do this when you feel hungry

Post-workout diet is crucial. If you want to make gains, proper diet is necessary because your body and mind need it. A few nutritional foods can help you optimize the results. You can eat almost anything after a workout, just make sure that there’s sufficient gap between the moment you stop workout and the moment you start eating. Fruits, juice, protein-rich foods and carb can help. Just keep your health goals in mind and make your diet plan accordingly.

Take bath

Before you stress about the things you have to do after a workout, relax first and then take bath. Don’t let the bacteria and sweat cover your skin. Choose a high-quality soap or any bath product and take bath properly. If possible, try to choose the ones that smell good because the fragrance can help you feel fresh and energetic. Psychology plays a major role here, so choose your bath products including soaps, shampoos, and even towels wisely.

Once you are out of the bathroom, don’t immediately wear something, go in front of the mirror and look at yourself and admire the results you have achieved so far. If you’ve just started, don’t feel low because, after a few days, you are going to develop those muscles you care about.

Don’t immediately go to work

Maybe you are too busy and hardly get time for yourself after a workout. Try to steal at least 10 minutes from your schedule and reduce your stress. Listen to some light music or walk barefoot on the grass. If you have kids at home, play with them and spend at least a few minutes with your loved ones. If you stay alone, you can start writing a journal. Write whatever you want in that short period of time, but make sure that it’s meaningful. That journal should have something special so you can develop the habit of writing.

If you’re not into writing, read some positive affirmations and fill your mind with positive thoughts so when you step out of the house, those thoughts can accompany you on the way to your school, college, or office.

Reduce your stress level, eat properly, and relax to ensure you can feel fresh and enjoy your day. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and the people you love. Want to learn more about getting into the best shape of your life using only your bodyweight? Nick over at shows you how with his easy to follow and minimalistic routines.

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