Physical Therapy is a Challenge.

(BlackFitness101.comIn the battle to be strong and healthy, and stay that way, injury can pose some serious setbacks. Once injured, depending on the severity, you may find yourself in the hospital, enduring surgery, and coming to grips with physical therapy. If you are not an athlete whose been injured, or you’ve never been injured, this experience can be terrifying as you don’t know what to expect outside of pain. In your mind you might believe if I can just manage my pain everything will be okay. Dealing with pain is just the beginning of recovery. Once injury occurs it can definitely be hard to deal with mentally as you are trying to come to turns with limitations you are not use to accommodating. Furthermore, you might find it difficult to trust your body. Physical therapy is a critical part of recovery, but it is definitely a challenge not to be taken likely.

After an injury, a surgery, it is very easy to fall into inactivity. You want to do whatever you can to ease pain, and the last thing on your mind is forcing the body to move on purpose in ways that will make you want to scream. Sometimes long-term athletes have a better understanding going into recovery from an injury that physical therapy will be a serious challenge. They understand in some instances the road to recovery might be just as, if not more, painful as the initial injury. However, it is vital to gaining full use of the injured area going forward. Movement will be key, and mental preparedness will be a necessity. you will find that you must summon your will to get your body through the ordeal of injury.

You guessed it…the worse thing you can do is opt out of physical therapy and go home to sit. When this happens, you will become stiff and risk losing your range on motion in the area injured. Another unwise choice would be staying inactive post injury or surgery then deciding to just get up and go to the gym.

I understand watching the scale tip may motivate you back into your gym but going back cold turkey could cause you to re-injure yourself doing more damage. Series injuries and surgery causes loss of muscle memory. Physical therapy is an opportunity to train your muscles to regain muscle memory in the same fashion that a baby intuitively learns to walk by using those same muscle groups repetitively. Unfortunately, unlike with a baby learning to walk…this will be painful, and your body doesn’t have the same level of resilience.

Be sure to undertake physical therapy with a professional that is qualified to rehabilitate your body in the injured area. You want to be comfortable with the person you are working with, and that will help you get through the challenges you will face with physical therapy. Furthermore, working with the right therapist decreases the chances that you would do too much, or not enough in your session. There is a degree of pain that comes with the process, but there are pains that would indicate the rehabilitation is going south. Prepare your mind to recover you body so that you can return to a strong and healthy state. Don’t opt out of physical therapy…embrace the challenge. Your body will be the better for it.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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