So You Hate Sweating.

( I admit the think I hate most about working out is sweating. For a long time, my workouts really weren’t effective, and I couldn’t burn properly because I would not allow myself to get to the point to sweating. I’m not talking about the light sheen that sits on your forehead from a light brisk walk on the treadmill. I am talking about sweating to the point your clothes are ringing wet, and you just feel plain salty. This is often a turnoff, but it is vey necessary to maximize on your workout in the gym. Furthermore, allowing yourself to have a good sweat could help you alleviate some health issues while you are burning fat and calories.

Swelling in the body caused by fluid retention can be a serious health issue. This could be a sign of congestive heart failure, and symptom of diabetes or other illnesses that cause fluid in the lungs. There are medications you can take to help reduce fluid, but doctors often suggest movement. Fluid medication is not the only way to relieve the body is backup.

Sweating is a natural way to release fluid and toxins from the body. This would mean you would need to do more than just a little movement a day. You will have to mentally prepare yourself to push past your hatred of sweating for the betterment of your health. Taking the time to workout to the point of a good sweat would help release the fluid while helping with weight loss and strengthening your organs and muscles.

For some they feel sweating makes them feel nasty, dirty or itchy. Know that sweating is a natural bodily function with great advantages so don’t allow yourself to feel if you do such you are gross. When that thought arises remember soap and water will await you once you have finished sweating during your workout. Sometimes sweating is avoided because many of us can not wash our hair everyday or after every workout. However, there are many products that help with this issue, and some have found that more frequent washing of the hair due to the sweating has strengthened the hair. I understand this aspect as I have natural hair and for a long time I struggles with not wanting to sweat in my scalp because I can’t wash daily.

However, I found adjusting my water intake also helped my scalp not to itch as much when sweating. Many of us hate sweating greatly, but we value health s much more. Whether you are experiencing swelling, illness, trying to lose weight or simply become strong you must sweat. This is not a negotiable part of working out, and we have to accept it.  You may find that sweating on a regular bases proved to help your skin health as you glow more often with clear pours.

It’s okay to hate sweating with a passion, I still do. But don’t let that stop you from doing what is necessary to maintain your health. Sweating is worth staying healthy.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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