Vegan Doesn’t Equate to Healthy.

( There is a major movement towards plant-based diets. There is a push to make people understand they are healthier when meat and meat-based products are removed from one’s diet. Meat is the cause of major health problems, weight gain, and other issues they say. For some people this very well may be the best dietary decision as they are sensitive to meat and meat-based products.

However, it is time we understand this is not the best option for everyone. Deciding to be vegan is a personal choice, yet it doesn’t guarantee health nor weight loss. It is important to be careful when following the dietary trends so that you do not run into serious health challenges.

I admit, as much as I love meat, I was almost sold on considering a plant-based diet. Too many members of my family had been experiencing heart trouble, even if they seemed healthy. When you see people constantly working out, and staying fit, yet they are having heart attacks you are willing to consider drastic diet changes. While in the grocery store I was speaking to a lady about plant-based diets and she went to great lengths to explain to me why removing meat, and meat-based products, would be heart healthy. Everything she told me seemed to make sense.

I asked her if she ate fish, and the answer to that was also no. As someone that loves both meat and seafood this was definitely going to be drastic and would take time. I had already decided if I was going do this I did not wasn’t any meat substitutes. If I couldn’t eat real meat I didn’t want any. If this was a better way to lose weight and protect my heart from congestive heart failure it would be hard but worth it. However, the more I thought about what could eat I admit this focus gave me pause.

I realized my body has always functioned better on low carb with high vegetable and moderate protein. Though I respect that vegan diet is a lifestyle for some, but right now it is definitely the trend. Fear of having heart problems was not about to be a reason for me to make such a drastic decision. After talking to my doctor, I realized that the vegan option would not be best for me. She explained that I could eat a moderate amount of meat, but it needed to remain a part of my diet. Furthermore, vegan doesn’t equal weight loss.

Removing meat from one’s diet doesn’t explain all the carbs that can be consumed that will pack the pounds if not careful. I realized that being vegan has to be a life choice, and it will not guarantee one will be healthy. It I very important that we are careful about making drastic changes to your diet and supplement regime without getting adequate information. Remember, your body is not the same as the next person. It is always important to make the best decision for you based on you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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