Stretch Your Back.

( Most people put intense stress on the body every day. Work, stress and just life itself can put strain on your body. We lift pull bend and exert the physical body without giving it what it needs to sustain the pressure it must face. Many people face back issues on a daily basis. The back pain can range from acute agitation to severe impairments that require surgery. When in the gym working out it is important to focus on fortifying the strength in your back.

Without a strong back we run into problems with our core, legs, and feet. It can be hard to sit stand and walk. Back trouble can lead to inability to work and engage in activities of daily living. Your back is very important, so you must look at ways to keep it safe so that you can protect other parts of your body.

Taking the time to stretch before and after a workout I important. More people are beginning to incorporate some basic stretching techniques into their workout for the betterment of their muscle. When thinking about stretching it is very important to stretch your back muscles. We should not look at stretching, nor that of your back, simply when you work out. It is necessary to stretch at different times throughout the day to warm the muscles in your back.

This practice will help prevent your back from becoming stiff which can put you at risk of injury. Far too often we don’t take the time to stretch when we get out of bed to warm up your back before lifting on children or items around the house. Sometimes the back muscles can be strained because of sudden movement or inconvenient body positions. A you get older it is important to do all you can to make sure your muscles are stretched out and more pliable.

Research different back stretches you can do, even at work, that would help maintain the health of your back on a regular basis. Once you began straining your back muscles it can began to happen frequently if you don’t seek preventative measures. Back surgery and injury can make working our very difficult as the pain often radiates to other parts of the body. This can lead to further injury in other areas as some will still try to maintain their workouts.

In addition to helping keep your back healthy the stretching can be very therapeutic and aid in positive mental health. No part of the body should be neglected, and your back is a very vital part of your body’s function. Take the time to check with your doctor and trainer to make sure the stretches you implement for your back will give you the best benefit. Adding a routine of back stretching is absolutely beneficial as a healthy back allows you to continue to progress in your workouts, and daily activities. Don’t take your back for granted…it has a way of reminding you it is important.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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