Weight Loss is a Process.

(BlackFitness101.com) Life can bring about changes in our body we would rather not endure. Weight gain can definitely cause health issues. You will find that joints hurt, and mobility is tested. However, it also takes a toll on self esteem and someone’s mental state. In a mad dash to lose wright for health purposes and to feel comfortable in one’s own skin we too many of us have undergone rigorously dangerous workout regimens, and endless diets.

We are surrounded by the loss weight quick schemes that fool us into believing the its too good to be true just might work. In some instances, it works for a season, and the weight comes back. The re-gain of weight can have a harder toll on you than the initial gain because you had a taste of what felt like weight loss victory only to have it snatched away from you.

Let me just say I have battled with weight gain for many years, and I know it is a hard fight. Yes, we want to avoid the health pitfalls attached to weight gain such as diabetes and high blood pressure, but we also want to look and feel desirable and wear clothes that make us feel good about ourselves. No one wants to be the butt end of the fat jokes, and this reality can run some into the gym…while running others out. the reality is simple…weight gain didn’t happen, in most instances, overnight.

So, the loss of said weight will be a process. Yes, there are corners you can cut, but you may regret them as they can cause mental anguish and time wasted. It is important to acknowledge you must get comfortable in the skin you have now and commit to a process. We all know process takes time and it benefits more than the goal in the end.

The process of weight loss can be liberating as you learn to love yourself again, or maybe for the first time. The gym isn’t the enemy but a challenge that can become a very close ally. While you might feel you are being looked at because of your weight some of the people in the gym have stood where you are standing. You will find encouragement from those that been on the process of weight loss and they are winning. Caring for the wellbeing of your body through what you eat is an act of discipline, but also a form of self-love.

Just as you care for your hygiene and appearance watching what you eat is caring for your organs and internal body function. The weight loss process is one filled with lessons of self-love, hard work and victory. With every pound shed you feel a bit better about you…with every workout achieved you feel stronger. You will literally watch your body change right before your eyes if you would only take the chance of embracing the process. Your deserve wellness and wholeness that can be found in working to better your health and state of mind.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight with exercise for a long time but are frustrated with a lack of results there’s always the option of surgery. Check out a weight loss surgery directory to find one in your area.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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