Healthy Parent Equal Healthy Kids.

( Our first teachers are our parents. Many of us struggle with unhealthy eating habits, because we literally inherited them from our parents. Some of us hate exercise because we heard our parents complain about it…even if they told us we should do such. If exercise didn’t come in the form of a competitive sport some parents would not engage. Sometimes we can look at children that are battling juvenile obesity, and see that the parents are also obese. If we want our children to be healthy we must make choices for ourselves that will teach our children the value of good health. It very unfortunate when a child must learn the importance of living a healthy lifestyle as a result of watching their parents struggle with illness, or as a result of losing a parent due to health related difficulties.

It is not merely enough to encourage children to be healthy. They must learn this behavior from their parents. Granted, they will be introduced to various kinds of food outside of the home. However, the introduction of vegetables, fruit, and adequate water intake begins at home. Children, when they are young, often imitate the behaviors of the parent. If the child sees you eating vegetable they are more likely to do the same.

So many children are in love with fast food because of the fast past lifestyle of the parent. However, that is not what is best for the growth, and development of our children. Parents must find a way to meal prep, and feed the children balanced meals. Family time can be a time when the family comes together, and while eating healthy, the importance of good food can be shared.

In addition to instilling healthy eating habits in children, you must keep them active. If you aren’t careful the child will become addicted to a device such as a gaming system, phone, laptop, or tablet. Granted there can be a time for devices, but there must also be a time where the family engages on physically fit activity together. Going to the park, riding bikes, playing games outdoors, and when the child is old enough they can work out with their parents at the gym. This could be a valuable bonding time for the family as everyone stays healthy together.

We want the best for our children. teaching them to eat healthy, and stay physically fit can help, gives them a better defense against illness, and teach them how to manage stress via healthy food and exercise. Health begins at home, and it starts with the parents. As you live healthy before your children you are teaching them to care for their body. They will in turn share this with other children that may not know much about healthy living. You can have a positive impact on your community through making healthy eating, and physical fitness the norm for your children.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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