Try a Streaming Workout.

( Sometimes we find that the gym is too big of a step. Everyone doesn’t find that setting to be relaxing, and sometimes it can cause one to be rather body conscious. In other cases, if you are on the move a lot, or traveling for work, you may want to get a quick workout in from your hotel or living room. Many of us pay for streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, and we pay for a gym membership. Some resort to buying digital workout films, or the actual DVD. Before buying another workout check out the streaming services you already pay for. Granted they are great for movies and shows…but if that is all you are getting you aren’t getting your full money’s worth. Using your streaming services to workout can have many different benefits and allow you to stick to your fitness regimen regardless of your access to a gym.

Everyone is not the same when it comes to body consciousness. If going to the gym feels like too much pressure when you begin your fitness journey you can choose from many different workouts on one of your streaming services. This will also give you some structure to your workout when you aren’t sure what to do, or where to start. You may feel more comfortable in the gym, after you have reached some of your more immediate goal, and that is perfectly fine.

Picking a workout from your streaming services can give you options to incorporate other fitness techniques in between your gym visits. This could mean finding videos dedicated to stretching, and various different kinds of cardio and aerobics. Incorporating new workouts is very helpful if you get bored easily with a workout and crave variations just to stay engages. It can also help you break through your plateau if it seems you are tapped out with your current workout.

I admit I was very excited about going to a yoga studio, though I really wanted to get into practicing yoga. I knew there were a lot of positions I would not be able to do comfortably, and my right knee would have to adjust. It was great to find beginners yoga workouts on Amazon Prime that allowed me to start at my pace without feeling so self-conscious about positions I was unable to achieve. As I am becoming more comfortable I am starting to feel better about venturing out to the yoga studio.

There are many assets to taking advantage of workout videos via the streaming services you have. As you are paying for them you want them to work for you as best as possible. When finances become tight we tend want to streamline the budget. If we can pay one price and get multiple uses that tends to be the route taken. Granted you may love your gym membership, but it times get hard enough you might find yourself canceling until you can get on your feet.

Streaming services allow you to have a source of entertainment for your family, and workout until you can get back in the gym. Even if it’s not your preferred workout choice it allows targeted workout options until things get back to normal. Whatever reason fits your situation give the workouts on your streaming services a try.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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