Put Away the Winter Food.

(BlackFitness101.comThis winter has been freezing cold in a stormy kind of way. We have seen single digit cold in Southern states, and sub-zero weather in the North & Midwest. When this kind of cold strikes we can find ourselves snowed in, and looking to cook heavy hearty meals. Heavy posts of stew, and chili become the go to meals, and other rich in carbs comfort foods take over. The kids are home from school due to snow days, so we make lots of cookies, and bake brownies. Even when we try to workout a bit from home it’s hard because the climate in the house is stay warm, and relax. Even when the freeze snapped, and we began to move about its still cold, and there seems to be no motivation to move.

Working out feels discouraging as the added pounds make us feel heavy, and sluggish. Since winter is technically still here some of us are looking around wondering if another freeze, accompanied by snow, will hit us before spring shows itself. Another winter storm is not in our favor because it becomes hard to put the winter food away.

Many understand that more than 60% of the fitness journey is governed by what we eat. If you don’t manage to get control over your diet, there is no way to reach your fitness goals successfully. What many see happen is their food choices battle with their workout. Yes, you killed it in the gym today, and got a good sweat in, but you left and had a supersized value meal from a fast food spot. This makes since to us that we must clean the diet. However, the same can be applied to the comfort food we indulged in while it was cold.

Some of us have been indulging since Thanksgiving without a serious break in food choices that hinder the workout. Regardless of the weather a decision must be made to put away the winter comfort food and treats so that you can get your body back to a point whereby you are comfortable in the gym. Try not to focus on the scale to much during this time. You need to know where you’re at, but you don’t want to beat yourself over any lost ground.

It’s time to recommit to clean eating and get back on the regimen that has worked for you. Yes, it’s still cold and you won’t want to get out of bed, but you don’t have to wait for spring to get back on track. If another cold snap rears it’s head. Look for lighter soups to partake of. They still satisfy the need for hot food to combat the cold without providing a guilty carb fest.

Leave the cookie sheets to kiddos, and if that is too much temptation look for healthier options for the entire house. Getting your body moving, and functioning efficiently will give you more energy, clarity, and you will feel better about yourself. You already know this…you need only get started.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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