Sometimes Fitness is Overpriced.

( You have decided to better your health. Maybe, you had a check-up whereby your doctor urged you to make life changes so borderline diabetes, or pre-hypertension, won’t become a full-blown issue you much now battle. Regardless of the why you are determined to eat better, drink water, and workout on a regular basis. You realize most of the food in your house needs to be healthier, water is a must, you don’t own gym clothes, your sneakers need an upgrade, and you must find a gym membership. To some this may seem like a lot that must be done immediately to start working on your goals, and it can become costly very quick.

Fitness is a multi-million dollar industry, and I may be putting it lightly. Everything seems like something that can help you train better, loose more, and feel great. If not careful you can easily find yourself overwhelmed if your money is tight, or you can easily find yourself overspending. The truth is bettering your health does cost money, but some things are overpriced. Furthermore, starting your journey to better health is more a matter of discipline than money.

If you can’t so purchase a gym membership right away that is quite okay. You can incorporate more walking into your day. Stretching really is a silent game changer in working out. Committing to stretching thoroughly on a daily basis will burn calories, and do wonders for your muscles and joints. When you stretch well, especially when you are just starting out, you very well may feel sore the next day like you had a good gym workout. For those that have streaming subscriptions like Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu sometimes you can find workout videos and you don’t have to pay extra. When you are just getting started, and don’t have much there still ways to get your workout in.

Eating healthy can be costly sometimes, but incorporating fruits, and vegetables while removing unhealthy choices helps to balance out cost. Speaking with a dietician may be of assistance when it comes to understanding what your need to eat to be healthy. Meal preparation is also helpful as you are planning your meals ahead, and that will kill the fast food spending. Your body will also have the opportunity to adjust to healthy food because you are creating a regimen.

It is fair to say working out is not a fashion show. There are adequate workout clothes that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I am in no way saying workout looking like Rocky, but you don’t have to spend 30.00 on tights. You may want to put that towards quality undergarments for working out to make sure you have the proper support you need. Workout shows are important, but brand names drive the price. Shop around, and don’t feel that you must have the most expensive running shoe…a show that may actually hurt your feet. Yes, athletic shoes can get very uncomfortable if the arch isn’t right or they don’t offer the right support. Just as you should shop around regarding shoes do the same when you price the gym. Make sure it’s a space that works for you…verses just being the popular spot many people frequent.

Fitness can become very overpriced when you are made to feel you must buy a lot of expensive items just to get fit and healthy. Somethings are worth the price, but you want to be careful not to sink tons of money into what you don’t need. Like if the bottle water at the gym is 2.00 please bring your water with you. Being sensible, and utilizing what you have will allow you to get to working on your health goals now.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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