It’s Not Always Safe to Work Out in Pain.

( It is understood that getting fit is a challenge. When you are very out of shape getting into a routine workout is rather uncomfortable. The soreness is real, and there are times when you will want to push through your discomfort during a workout because you are training your body. Many encounter that moment on the treadmill or elliptical whereby you really want to through in the towel because you are tired, and it hurts. However, building endurance is painful, and many are mentally prepared for the hurt. When you begin stretching it is not a comfortable feeling. You will find that pushing further can be a test of your will as every inch of the stretch is pulling your body out of its comfort zone.

However, there is pain that is not safe to work through and it can cause injury. When you have a hard intense workout on arms or legs, and you get up in the morning with jello for legs barely able to walk that is not a discomfort that you take to the gym. It is important to allow your body the opportunity to recover from intense workouts. When you need recovery it is very easy to injure yourself in the gym if you go back to that same workout. Furthermore, taking a pain reliever and heading back into an intense workout is very dangerous. Pain relievers are going to do nothing for muscles that are weak, and need rest. Though you are anxious to see gains it is always wise to allow your body the proper recovery time.

You want to be able to differentiate between the pains of your body training, and pain that indicates something is wrong. When you feel sharp pains in your joints or pain that is different that the norm it is not wise to ignore that pain and push through the workout. If you have been on a machine too long, or you are lifting weights that are entirely too heavy your body could be warning you it’s in distress. In that situation, it would be safe to stop or lower your intensity. If you choose lowering the intensity of the workout yet you still feel sharp pain you really should stop before incurring a major injury.

If you are recovering from a serious injury it is understandable that you are beyond ready to get back into the gym, but you would want to be sure you are following your doctor’s rehabilitation orders regarding said injury. When you can get back into the gym be sure to take it easy. That may seem like common knowledge, but when you are anxious to get back to gains you may remember where you were prior to injury verses respecting where your body is now. You don’t want to re-injure yourself so be sure take it easy and be mindful of pain.

Discipline, and the drive to dig deep to push yourself in the gym are great characteristics. However, always want to listen to your body; it will tell you when it has had enough. Your body will indicate when it needs rest, and you never want to push the body passed its warning. The gains will come, and you want to be in good working shape when they do.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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