Winter in Coming: Stay in the Gym.

( When spring is on the horizon the gyms are flooded with people preparing themselves for summer. There is a focus on health, beach bodies, and overall wellness. It seems there is a correlation between the sun coming out, and our want to get up and move. This is a wonderful time for many, but we must find a way to balance the season whereby we may feel less inclined to hit the gym. Consistency is a very important health & wellness. Many of us that are Game of Thrones fans are familiar with the saying “Winter is Coming”. Winter is a couple of months away, and it’s important to workout through the cold season.

The fall, and winter, seasons have holidays with rather heavy food. Thanksgiving and Christmas have some of the best comfort food, and many of us eat well. Working out is spring and summer is great, but it is important that we are consistent in the cold seasons. Let’s admit in there are mornings that are very rigid and cold, and it’s easy to say I’ll sleep in.

However, the winter fluff is not a good habit. When you have trained your body to be active, and it stops you begin to feel sluggish. Furthermore, you leave yourself open to aches and pains that come as a result of a lack of activity.

Keeping one’s health is an account that must be paid into on a regular basis. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to get back into the swing of working out when we stay away from such too long. With that being said, when you have been out of the gym too long the reclamation process can be discouraging. You will remember what your body was used to being able to do, and it can be upsetting if your body can’t just fall back into routine. We can be the most impatient with ourselves when it comes to physical expectation.

It’s understandable that weather can influence our get up and go. It is quite okay to decide that you want to make a winter variation of your regular workout routine. Maybe a workout that focuses on cardio, or heavy stretching could be an option. One may also decide to use the winter months to target a specific area of the body, or try new workout variations. Actively working avoid the “winter fluff” will assist you in returning to your intense workouts once spring & summer roll around.

You will find that you don’t have to get back to where you were in order to move forward in your workout goals. Stretching, cardio, toning, and things of this nature can help strengthen you allowing you to push your body further in the spring and summer. Relax in the winter, eat moderately, and continue to stay in the gym. Your body will thank you when the seasons change, and you are keeping your health a priority all year long.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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