Gym Courtesy is Important.

( As many move towards overall wellness and fitness the gym has become a frequented spot. This is a positive trend, but just like with anything one would want to be courteous of others in that space. Though the gym may feel comfortable, and like home to some, it’s not your house and there are spoken and unspoken rules. It’s important to be courteous in the gym so that your workout experience is not unpleasant for someone else. When joining a gym, it is important to find out the guidelines and adhere to them. The rules vary by location.

Some gyms are large with plenty of cardio equipment so there is no time limit, but others may have a cardio machine time limit that you would want to follow. Though a gym can evolve into a community for you it is very much so a different kind of community with a set purpose…working out. Often times this purpose can be lost in the need for conversation, loud phone conversations and the manner by which one chooses to dress in the gym. Below are just a few known gym courtesies, or rules, that allow the gym atmosphere to remain productive and comfortable for all members.

1. It would be wise to make sure your workout clothes are clean. Granted, many of us grew up watching “Rocky” and we remember the beat-up workout clothes…but Rocky worked out outside quite a bit. It’s hard to focus on one’s workout when the person next to you is smelly…and we don’t mean just sweat.

2. Though working out is not a fashion show if you want to be fashionable go right ahead. However, it would be courteous to make sure you are covered in a way by which your personal parts aren’t in someone’s face. Furthermore, gyms have lots of mirrors but they aren’t for make-up application.

3. Wiping the equipment when you are done is definitely a must. No one want to exercise in the previous persons sweat. That’s just nasty.

4. Put the equipment back when you are done. If you are strong enough to lift the weight you are strong enough to rack it. It is rather inconsiderate to use free weights, and leave them out. This is a safety hazard, but the next person lifting might not be able to move the weight. Just be courteous and rack what you use.

5. The primary purpose for the gym is working out, and though it can be social, be mindful that some are focused on their workout. If you want to talk to someone that looks like they are “n a zone” don’t interrupt. Consider speaking to them when they are in a rest period. Everyone in the gym is not going to be chatty.

6. If you are sick consider working out outside, or at home. There are some that use working out as a way to get better when sick. This is understandable but if you are coughing and sneezing everywhere there is a chance you will get others around you sick. Using a sauna is understandable, but just moving around the gym floor sick can harm others.

Gym courtesy goes a long way, and it allows us to respect each other as we work towards bettering ourselves. Everyone in the gym is different and those differences should be respected. Safety and gym guidelines should be known and followed. There is no need for bad experiences when working out can make us feel great.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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