No Drama in the Gym.

(BlackFitness101.comThe gym is a community, but it should be one that is drama free. Working out is not only good for the body, it’s also a way by which one can release stress. For some the gym is their safe space. Why you come to the gym will determine what the space is for you. It is really unfortunate when members bring toxic energy into a place that is supposed to help you purge such. Fitness is a lifestyle for some, and a trend for others. There are those that come to the gym to make it purely their social space whereby they can front on social media that they are a part of the fitness culture. Others come to the gym to find a spouse…yes it happens. When the intentions for coming to the gym have nothing to do with fitness, and bettering one’s body drama can occur.

Some gyms have rules about attire, not to shame anyone coming to the gym. However, every person in the gym isn’t a good one so rules tend to help foster a safe environment. Yes, we should be able to wear what we want, but the world is dangerous and we must acknowledge such. Furthermore, some come to the gym in skimpy workout clothes for the sole purpose of disrupting the workout of another. This is not considerate of other gym members. There are people that don’t want to see your private body parts…they really are there to workout.

Nothing is worse than coming on to the spouse of someone in the gym working out, and get caught. Apparently, you had not paid attention to said person well enough to know they are married, or that their spouse comes to the gym with them. This is all unnecessary drama that should stay out of the gym. When negative outbursts occur, it can mess up the energy for others that are working out that aren’t involved in the situation.

You never know what someone is taking a break from when they come to the gym to workout. In this regard is it only fair to leave the drama outside. With that being said, battles of testosterone are also unwelcomed. Compete against yourself if competition is what you crave, but challenging another member that is clearly uninterested is interrupting the energy of the gym.

Lastly, many gyms have a rule that one should move to the lobby, or off the main floor, to answer a phone call. That may seem like an inconvenience, but it’s being considerate of your gym community. It’s understandable that you won’t always be able to get through a workout call free, but to be on the phone while working out in a manner that forces the person on the machine next to you to hear you chat is rude. It’s especially uncouth when you are in a heated argument and now those around you are disturbed by the drama coming through your phone. People come to the gym for many reasons, and one of them is to release stress through working out. They can do without the drama, and social antics. A drama free gym is an asset to all of its members.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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