Keep the Fight Out of the Gym.

( Working out in the gym can bring out your ambition as you’re are in an intense battle with your body, as you work towards getting said body into its best shape. It’s understandable that some workout to alleviate stress. Life can be tough, and people can be a pain in the neck. Some choose to take out their aggression’s through their workout. This is indeed turning negative energy into productive energy. There are gym members that are rather solitary. They don’t really talk to others, outside of speaking as a mannerable gesture, and you always see them working out alone. Then there are those that tend to come into the gym in a group. Sometimes its co-workers, family or just friends…they are social, and want to have a good time while working out. Neither method is wrong as long as both are respectful of one another.

I was working out recently, and I’m the loner, minding my business on the dreaded treadmill. While trying to zone our listening to Kendrick Lamar I was brought back to reality by yelling that I could hear over my music. One treadmill from me were two ladies having a heated disagreement. At that moment someone should have asked them to take that outside or squash it. However, the situation escalated into a fight.

Ladies, the gym isn’t the place for a street fight. It’s a place where everyone is there for the betterment of themselves, and there is no room for that kind of energy which ruins the workout for everyone else. The group of women fighting had no idea what anyone else in the gym was dealing with. I for one tend to go to the gym to work out my grief regarding the loss of my dad when it becomes to much. The last thing I wanted to do was run off my treadmill to avoid the physical altercation that was hurling itself in my direction. Evening if you were to go to a boxing gym there are rules and guidelines.

Working out in a group may be fun, but if there are issues within the group please don’t wait until you get in the gym for situation to come to a head. Deal with the matter amongst yourself, or choose to workout separately. No one wants to be in the middle of a workout, and find themselves distracted by the arrival of the local police.

Quite a few people choose to end their workout early…I was one of them. It’s important to protect spaces that allow people to cope with the craziness in the world, and the things they are personally facing. The gym is no place to handle disagreements. Those involved are likely to hurt one another, but then innocent people can get hurt as well in an unnecessary situation.

Be mindful of your safety, and that of others around you in a gym community. Strive to keep the energy one that exudes wellness, betterment, and competing with self to become a stronger self. Keep the strife, and fighting out of the gym.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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