Glam at the Gym.

( As women, we tend to want to look nice where ever we go. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and that also applies to working out. There is an entire fashion market for workout apparel geared to give us the best look, and coverage during our workout. Women have more choices than ever from apparel to shoes. Some of us are definitely glam at the gym. However, if we aren’t careful glam can go too far and cause health and presentation problems.

Part of a good work out is working us a good sweat. When we do this our pores have an opportunity to release toxins and impurities through our skin by sweating. This can become complicated when one insists on wearing full face makeup to the gym. Your pores are encountering your full-face base when sweating which in some cases can also present a mess if you sweat a lot. No one wants to look off in the face so maybe considering a makeup conducive to working out, or saving the full face for after the workout would help.

Underway is very important. Some prefer to roll free or with specialized underwear but this is actually unsafe when working out. When you don’t wear the most supportive bra in an effort to rock your cleavage you can damage your breast tissue. When one chooses to wear thongs, and g strings, you can run into issues with boils or yeast infections if you aren’t careful. Again, sweating helps the body release toxins so not having the proper undergarments for absorbing that moisture is a problem. Furthermore, when using the equipment…it can just be nasty. Let’s be real everyone should wipe down equipment but they don’t. So, if you are free and sweating…then don’t wipe equipment after usage that’s just double nasty.

You can maintain your glam, and be appropriate. There are many kinds of people in the world, and some of them are not kind. We shouldn’t have to worry about safety at the gym, outside of making sure we use the equipment properly, but we do. Making sure you are not exposed can help you feel safe. When we neglect the right undergarments, we can end up feeling exposed on certain machines in ways we never intended regardless of if the gym is co-ed or women’s only. No one wants to be doing deep squats in front of the mirror and feel like our private areas are focused on because they are showing due to the nature of the exercise. No one wants to be on the treadmill, male or female, and end up exposed because the workout attire was lacking.

Feel free to be glamorous in everything you do including working out. It can help boost confidence and self-esteem. Just make sure you remember it’s a gym, and you want to be sure you are safe. Having the proper apparel that fits correctly is important to your health, and your sensibilities.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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