Social Media in the Gym Might Kill You Time.

( It’s no secret that social media has taken over just about every aspect of our lives. There is not much now that we do without posting, selfies, and checking in. Though we can stay connected to others via social media sometimes we do need to unplug. Working out at the gym serves many purposes. Yes, it is a way to stay active and fit…but it can also serve as a fitness community. For some going to the gym may be the only “me time” they get consistently during the week. Working out influences our emotional state as well as our body. If can be argued that putting social media at the center of your workout can deprive you of participating fully I the community that is real-time in your gym, or simply focusing on yourself.

It’s very easy to walk in the gym and watch people try to juggle their phone with social media while working out. The workout isn’t the focus…showing everyone you’re in the gym becomes the priority. This undermines all you can get out of the gym. While interacting with those that aren’t present you miss the opportunity to build healthy relationships with other members of your gym that are working out in the same space as you.

Having an accountability partner is a great asset when working out, and it’s so much easier for that buddy system to work for your when the partner is right there in the gym with you. Furthermore, it would be very unfortunate to have an injury occur because one was not focused on the workout…social media took over. That might sound crazy, but we’d be amazed at how many accidents have happened on a treadmill or elliptical because one was posting and moving. We aren’t all able.

Sometimes we go to the gym to burn off steam, get rid of bad stress and energy and spend some time positively investing in self. When this is the goal it would be best to unplug. Social media has its way of imparting the drama into our lives at times. There is so much negativity in the world right now and it meets us on our phone. Furthermore, it there are people by which we are having disagreements with and there is drama bringing that into the gym undermines the attempt to decompress the stress though the workout. It’s very easy to find yourself standing on the treadmill engulfed in a shouting match on social media. Yes, you may burn calories…but your energy is still jacked up.

It is healthy to have a space whereby you can unplug, be in the present while partaking in a real-time community, and allow one’s self to take full advantages of the happy endorphins that will be released via your workout. Its is also wonderful to sit in the massage chair after your workout and have a moments peace. Both life and social media will be waiting for you once you leave the gym. Having that bit of time to yourself to positively invest in self will help you face the rest of your day and week.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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