Maintain Your Fitness Efforts.

( January felt like a three-month long month in life, and in the gym. Many people decided 2023 would be their year to get healthy, lose weight, and commit to being fit. Of course, gyms all over the country were packed with new gym members unlike some gym regulars…I was happy to see it. Instead of complaining we should celebrate and encourage people that are making positive life changes. What many of us gym regulars don’t seem to remember at times is how long it took us to form the regimen we have. I can honestly say I had many consistent workout months followed by the fall off where I didn’t see the inside of the gym for months.

Maintain Your Fitness Efforts.

I would then beat myself up for life happening, and for choosing whatever was chosen over my self-care via fitness. I would have to pick myself up and start over. I’m sure there are people at my gym that have thought…um she’s back again. Yes, yes I am and as long as I keep getting up one day I’ll get this consistency together. It eventually happened for me after many start and stop seasons.

It’s November. You have made to the second month of your commitment. This is where the newness and zeal of your goals begin to wear off. As the initial push disappears you will have to focus on whey you started this journey and allow it to fuel you when you don’t feel like getting up, going to the gym, meal prepping…or even drinking water. You will have to find a focal point because demands on your time can easy show up threatening the time you see aside for yourself at the gym.

When this happens, you might have to be flexible by showing up at the gym at different times. We all have to get the goal accomplished in different ways that fit the schedule. However, your greatest challenge on this journey won’t be time…it will be you. You will have to move when your body hurts, when sleep feels like it is holding you captive, and when you don’t see immediate progress. Any of these things can discourage your 2023 health goals.

Create your vision board, have accountability partners, set your clothes out the night before, and get the sleep you need as much as you can. Do what you must to keep up the fit work. There are many people that you might not know that are pulling for you. They see you in the gym pushing your limits every workout. They see your gains when you are unable to see them. They are the people that speak in passing, the trainers on site, and the people working out that have the same goals as you…to be fit in 2023. You are not alone, and you owe it to yourself to push through your challenges to make it to March by taking it one day at a time. Before you know it you’ll at the close of the year looking at on the progress you’ve made physically, mentally and spiritually by sticking to your journey.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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