Avoid Misusing Laxatives.

(BlackFitness101.com) You’ve decided you want to lose weight, so you’ll eat healthy and commit to a workout regimen. Though it may have been tough at first you are working hard everyday and you are starting to see progress, and you feel great. There is a push to do more so that you can maximize your losses, however if you do too much you could hurt yourself. Well, for whatever reason you have some days where you eat all kinds of food that is not a part of your diet.

Avoid Misusing Laxatives.

You recognize your eating has been terrible, so you turn to the laxative “to clean yourself out”. If you aren’t careful that can easily become your go to after binge eating. Everyone that does this does not have an eating disorder, but it is still a terrible practice. If you are going to have a cheat day(s) pay for them in the gym instead of putting your body out of balance.

Over the counter laxative, and prune juice, will give you a false sense of fixing your bad eating days. Your thinking if you take these laxatives you’ll give yourself temporary diarrhea which will cause you to drop the weight you gained. You’re probably think it’s no big deal and you’ll be right back on track. The problem with this thinking is you don’t see the damage you are causing your body. It’s quite difficult to workout with diarrhea due to going to the bathroom runs, but then there is also the dehydration. Your electrolytes will be of which can cause everything from cramping to headaches. This method is not a proper way to maintain weight. The thing is, after you have put your body through unnecessary shock there is a chance you will retain weight through fluid, and when you get back to your regular eating pattern.

Consistent healthy eating with your workout regimen is the best way to deal with your body staying in balance. We all have days where we look at the day and say “man my diet was trash today”. Don’t beat yourself up or reach for laxatives. If you want to clear your body out drink plenty of water or embark on a healthy cleanse to help get rid of waste in the body. There is always a healthy way to achieve your goals. This might not sound all that bad, but there are people that end up in the hospital from abusing laxatives. There are instances whereby you can’t get your body back to balance so the diarrhea seems like it’s not going to stop. There is jut too much risk for the damage it can cause to the body. Furthermore, laxatives will not move food through the body nor will it dump calories.

This can become a long-term problem, like an eating disorder, if it’s something you do on a continual basis. It’s best not to even start using laxatives for any purpose but relieving constipation. You’d rather have some intense workouts, plenty of fruit & vegetables, and water to get yourself back on track. Weight loss is only positive when it’s obtained in a healthy fashion.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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