Learning Your Gym: Treadmill.

(BlackFitness101.com) The treadmill is a mainstay in most gyms. It is where many of us go to engage ourselves in a cardiovascular workout. The treadmill is also one of the most common machines in the gym. If you are like me, and suffer with outdoor allergies, you may thank the heavens you can run indoors. Treadmills have served several purposes thought time, and it is in no ways a new device. It has been used for work, penal punishment and now we use it for fitness purposes. As a cardio machine we will look at a couple of pros and cons regarding the treadmill. Though it is a heaven sent alternative to outdoor running it can never take its place as far as the mechanics of running are concerned.

The concept of the treadmill is over 4,000 years old. In antiquity a version of this machine was used by people and animals to grind grain, pump water and power dough-kneading machines. The treadmill, by that name, would be invented in 1818 by an English engineer as an alternative to prison idleness; the contraption would also provide useful work. In 1913 the treadmill would be introduced as a training machine. It’s amazing that this common device has been with us for so long. In addition to the gym treadmills can also be found in hospitals and rehab facilities. It is very useful when rehabbing from certain kinds of injuries. Treadmills can be found in our homes, and even on some jobs to help combat the sedentary environment.


The treadmill has several advantages for its users. This device aids the user in creating, and keeping, an exercise regimen regardless of the weather. Rain or shine the user can keep up their cardo exercise goals. In addition to this cushioned treadmills allow for a slightly lower impact workout than running outdoors. Many treadmills have incline options that add resistance to the workout. These inclines can be maintained throughout the workout in a manner that does not exist when relying on natural terrain. Furthermore, there are treadmills that can simulate various different outdoor terrains which can create a challenging workout for the user. While on the treadmill the user can track heart rate, distance and calories burned. This information helps one know how effective the workout was.

For all of its advantages the treadmill does pose some disadvantages that users should keep in mind. There are treadmill runners that run the risk of developing bad running form. This can happen as a result of trying not to hit the motor cover in the front of the machine, or due to being indoors. When running on the treadmill there is no wind resistance so ones stride can be too upright or bouncy. Some runners have difficulty maintaining their balance due to the unnatural feel of movement.

It is important to realize, if you are an athlete, that the treadmill is not attached to any sport as stationary running is not utilized in any sport. If you practice a sport that requires a lot of running it may be best to run in that environment. If you run competitively it may be best to run outdoors as that will simulate your events better. If you are a person that runs to relieve stress, or just to clear your mind, scenery usually plays a part. Treadmill running may not give the psychological release that comes with running.

Granted there are things to keep in mind when deciding to use the treadmill for workout purposes. However, in many cases the treadmill is a great way to warm up before a workout, or cool down afterwards. It’s been with us for a very long time, and still serving a great purpose in gyms across the world. If you are just getting back into the gym the treadmill is a good place to start. It will assist in building up stamina and endurance. The treadmill is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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