Gym Yesterday, Can’t Move Today.

( There are various ways to turn a blind eye to the state of your body. Denial can be a serious challenge when weight gain begins, or daily movement decreases. However, one day you might wake up and realize there are aches and pains you should not have to endure. You might find your mobility and range of motion, though present, a bit challenged. You could be staring in the mirror and realize you simply are not pleased with the physical presentation of your body. You may also find yourself concerned about overall health as a result of illness in ones family, or loss, that is a warning sign to you. Regardless of which position motivated you…there may seem to be a need to go from zero to one hundred in terms of exercise and fitness. The decision to work on one’s health can lead to immediate action, an if not careful, the need for instant gratification. The problem might feel like it happened over night, but it more than likely didn’t, and the solution will take time.

I can admit, against sound advice, I have been this person. Once I realized I needed to make some changes…I cleaned out the fridge, and cabinets. Grabbed as much healthy food as I could afford, and bee lined to the nearest 24hr Fitness. I was drinking more water than I intake in months, replaced most of my unhealthy carbs and snacks, and didn’t want to go out to eat because that seemed like a quick way to backslide. In addition to this I got myself together mentally, so I thought, to “go hard” in the gym. The idea was if I want to see immediate results there would need to be drastic measures taken. I never considered that my drastic measures would be the derailing factor…or that it would be debilitating.

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It is important to listen to your body, actually take the time to stretch and assess where you are before jumping into massive diet and exhaustive movement. It’s great to work up a good sweat in the gym. However, on your first day or week back be very careful what you do to your body…or you might find yourself calling in at work. Overdoing one’s workout is a sure fire way to get off track because the pain in itself is discouraging. This can cause one to overthink and begin a mental path that is unhealthy and unfair to self. Deciding to push yourself to do too many miles on the treadmill, then move to a stepper or elliptical, and then force the body to lift heavy without preparation…while ignoring every red flag the body is giving will have you past sore the next day. Unfortunately, muscles could bet pulled, or strained, and you will find something as simple as going to the restroom to be an extremely difficult chore. In this space you might find yourself beating yourself up mentally, or even doubting your ability to work on your fitness. All of this is unfair to you and your body.

It is very important to do your research, know your body, and give yourself grace. Consistency is the key…now overdoing it to the point you can’t walk. Respect the rest days that your body needs for your muscles to recover. You want continual progress not a go hard today, can’t move tomorrow. Take a moment to he honest with yourself about where you are, while setting realistic goals. If you are unsure of what you need speak to a professional such as your doctor, a nutritionist, or a trainer. Allow others to help you verse feeling that you have to go at it alone. Results will come as you commit to a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Give yourself time and grace; as you love the skin you are in you will assist your body to getting back into a shape that works for you. I learned this lesson the hard way by overdoing it trying to microwave my process. Now, I find that I have made more progress by being fair with my body. We didn’t get into this state overnight, so I had to work my way to better health. You can do it too.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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