Don’t Forget to Stretch.

( You have decided that it is time to get the body moving again. The fridge has been cleaned out of all the unhealthy food that had accumulated over this past year. It has been decided that you are ready mentally to get up and reclaim your life and body. You are ready to re-enter the gym. Maybe, like myself, all it took was trying to slip into your favorite pair of jeans only to find there would be no slipping at all. Maybe you have been feeling sluggish or having trouble comfortably sleeping and the number on the scale explained the situation.

It could be that weight isn’t the concern as much as you simply aren’t moving as well as you once were. If you started with your diet you have increased your water and positive fluids. You are eating balanced and more in a routine then haphazardly where you might have eaten too much, or not enough. Now that you are gaining more energy from diet you are ready to tackle your physical self.

I know you are ready to hit the ground running, but you don’t want to forget to stretch your body. Going back to working out cold can createblackwoman-STRETCHING-2021 problems where you were trying to solve them. When you begin to tackle your diet you’d also want to start stretching. This is something you can do daily, and several times a day if you choose. The point of it is you need to get your muscles warm and free of the stiffness that has set in. Neglecting this step can lead to muscle pain, and possible injury. Straining and pulling muscles will cause a setback that could lead to more time away from physical activity. Stretching might seem like a minor thing, but it’s one of the most important parts of your workout, and overall body maintenance. Far too often we have random accidents or pains that could have been avoided has we simply stretched on a regular basis.

There are so many methods of stretching that one can find through just a bit of online research or taking to someone at your gym. Of course, there are different stretches for every part of the body, and there are various levels. If you are new to stretching or have been away from it for a significant amount of time you would want to look for stretching for beginners. Just as you don’t want to overdo it in the gym or start off with more than your body can handle…the same applied to stretching. You want to gradually increase your difficulty.

You will find your flexibility increased, positive increase in blood flow, it will make your workouts more effective, it can help you work through soreness, and decrease the chances of injury while helping you regain trust in your body. This is something you don’t want to forget to do as it can have an awesome effect on your overall wellness. Stretching can also be a great part of your meditation. This is what leads some to yoga. As you are embarking upon your fitness journey, or returning to it, don’t forget to stretch.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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