Death to the Quarantine Fluff.

(  Many of us have been stuck in the house for almost a year. We have gone stir crazy, and the body has become something we aren’t quite use to. For many people school and work has become a home affair. Depending on where you live you might not have returned to the gym. With the amount of turmoil that has been going on in the country coupled with many having family or knowing someone that has succumb to covid-19, comfort has been important.

Many have taken to cooking and trying to create some of the best comfort food in their kitchen. I can admit I’ve made various kinds of breads and cakes. The process is wonderful, but someone has to eat at least some of it…and there in lies the problem. There is a thing called winter fluff…the comfort foods of the fall, holiday season, and the winter months might cause one to put on a couple of pounds. Once winter begins to fade its usually time to hit the gym and get back on the pavement. We have to get ready to strut our summer body.

The problem became Covid-19. We were never truly able to get rid of the winter fluff from 2019 before we were forced to be shut in due toblackcovid19couple-EXERCISING this pandemic. It was as if the winter lasted for a year and the proof is in the fluff. For some there was the transition to working out from home and doing all one could to keep the body moving. However, if your entire life converged on your home that might have been more difficult. Your workout times might have been eaten up by virtually schooling a child.

Some found out that working from home can be more time consuming than going into the office, and more work was demanded. There goes more workout and self-care time. Furthermore, the emotional weight of everything going on might have made some unable to move at all. We might not be sure of what tomorrow will being, but we must declare death to the quarantine fluff, and regain use of our body while clearing the mind.

It is time to shed the fluff. You can beat the pavement and return by simply walking, or you can grab a mask and head to the gym. Stiffness in the body might great you, and you may find that your endurance is not quite the same. These things should be expected. Unreasonable expectations can hinder the fluff shedding. Be kind to your body as you ease it back into movement and shape. Regaining control over this area of your life can help you ease your mind as the endorphins are released though working out. You can also begin looking in the mirror and recognizing the person staring back at you. You can’t control when the country will get back to normal, or if we’ll ever go back to the previous norm as we knew it. However, you can reconstitute some personal norms as you slay the quarantine fluff.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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