Fresh Air is Life.

( I have never been the one that could just go outside and exercise. I admit I hated outside unless it was cold or raining. Heat has never been my friend. The thought of outside exercise invoked thought of allergies, mosquito bites, and a different kind of sweating that I simply loathe. As we were all dealing with the pandemic which kept us indoors, Louisiana recently reckoned with Hurricane Laura which ironically forced us outdoors. The gym had been a no go since the pandemic really hit as I have not been able to quail my anxiety about that space.

However, the hurricane knocked power out for days in 90+ degree heat. There was only one choice…go outside and try to make peace with that space. The stress became so heavy that fitness, once again, became a necessity. The exercise had to be fit in somehow even with everything that was taking place. In that low place I realized fresh air can be life.

Sometimes when the mind is loaded all we can do is get a good walk, run, or jog in to give the mind a break. Recreational outdoors time can be what you need to re-center yourself. You might find it playing sports with the kids or sharing these outdoor activities with friends while maintaining social distancing. Being outside can equate to interacting with life as it is all around us in any form of nature. Watching my children interact with plants and doing something as simple as running in the grass made me smile. You might not get to workout your fitness needs, or stress relief though fitness, in your normal manner.

In that space you still have the need and will have to begin to look to other methods. At first this can seem like yet another negatively challenging space because, yet another thing is forcing you into an uncomfortable space. It could leave you asking…must something else be turned upside down.  This upside down could be a fitness blessing in disguise.

I realize the gym is awesome as it allows me to meet my fitness needs without encountering a space, I had not been fond of. However, as of late my saving grace has been fresh air. The time in unrestricted space was necessary. Looking at the clouds as my mind wondered on my walk has been a peaceful space in the midst of devastation. Take a moment to allow yourself to connect to nature. This does not mean you have to become engulfed with hikes, camping and other activities that come to mind when talking out being amongst nature…unless you would like.

I’m speaking more to allowing your fitness and wellness to have a grounding space in natural growth. There is an interesting freeness that comes from running in a place with no walls. You may find that your body is receiving help from the freeness in spirit. I encourage everyone that is able, to take some time to breath in some fresh air. Allow this time to add to your fitness regime. You may find that it adds to every aspect of your journey for wellness.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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